my first real ride of my new kh trials

OK so i have had the 2007 kh trials uni for a few weeks now but due to schoolwork and a back injury i havent been able to take it out for a proper ride until today.

we rode around the city and at a skatepark for a few hours and this is what i found:

  • The cranks are awesome for grinding ledges because they are square rather than the old round ones. i didnt notice too much difference on rails. They also have less q factor which for me makes seat-dragging/pushing easier.

  • The seat while being great performance-wise gets pretty uncomfortable after a few hours of solid riding. i think i perfer the udc/nimbus gell seat when it comes to comfort, although the new street saddle is better for sif and unispins and stuff.

  • The frame is sweet althought the knurling on the crown doesnt really do much because there is still a slippery weld sticking out the corner which is where my foot goes. maybe if i changed my technique…

  • I think crankflips are easier with these cranks too but im not sure why.

Thats about all i can think of right now but feel free to ask if there is something i havent included.


how are you finding the seatpost clamp?

actually its funny you should mention that - i hardly ever twisted my seat with my old clamp but i do with this one. i think its partially to do with me not wanting to do it up too tight because i know of a lot of people who have stripped their double bolt clamps. i think if it is done up tight enough there will be no problem.

i’ll keep that in mind for my one.

ive only got the seat, frame. post and clamp. anything i should know about them?

i am actually using a chro-mo seatpost because i break the stock ones too easily. i’m sure you will eventually break yours - when you do dont waste your money on another aluminium one, get chro-mo instead.

Out of interest where did you get your parts?

I really like the seat when it comes so tricks like unispins where your hands come into contact with the foam, but like i said it isnt that comfortable.


i got mine from udc new vealand

they came like 2 weeks ago and have been sitting in a box on the floor since.

still waiting on parts from hong kong. ive alse got koxx hub and cranks in the box, been there for over a month.

its tragic theyre all so good but i cant ride it

What size cranks did you get? I bought the Moment hub and cranks after breaking the old ones. I went with 137mm’s. I notice little difference, although I havent gone for many doubles at all.


Could it be because of the lighter wheel rather than the 3 mm shorter cranks?
Theoreticly (sp? :stuck_out_tongue: ) a lighter wheel should be easier to flip than a heavier one.

Don’t mean to threadjack but what parts did you order from Hong Kong?

i got a 19" VIZ rim, orange

36 Black 170mm spokes w/brass nipples

36 Blue Nipples

Blue Rim Tape

Owen said Nipples! *heeheh *

wanna swap ur kh trials for my taiwanese learner?:stuck_out_tongue:

haha nah its all good. lol i broke soo many taiwanese hubs and cranks before i got a splined uni!

It may be the lighter wheel that it making the flips easier.

Maybe you just got better at flips. :roll_eyes:

I wish I could afford a KH Uni… I can’t even afford a Torker DX right now… so sad.

i cant even afford a new valve cap

I can’t afford anything. But that is just because I am saving up for the new KH trials.