My First real Muni Ride.

Well since I have agreed to go to Memphis the first of April I figured I better start preparing.

So this morning I headed out to a local (3 miles from me) recreation area for Mt Biking called the Yellow River Recreation Area. I rode about 2 miles of the lower loop. Since this was my first time, I was a little tense. I got to the parking lot in my Jeep. Got out and started putting on all my armor. Of course as many of you have experienced other Mtn Bikers in the area glance over and wonder what you are up to. They must be thinking this guy has to be a little safety freak, or nuts! Especially as I slipped on my Harbinger wrist guards.:smiley: Better yet there is no Mtn Bike to be seen anywhere. After I am all geared up including my CamelBack, I go around to the back of the Jeep and pull out the Beast. My KH24 hides pretty well in the back, and then the eyes were really on me! This certainly isn’t helping me relax. So I jump on and head across the gravel parking lot and headed across the grassy field to the trails.

Everything goes well, but I am so tense I am already half winded from the short ride! I finally get on the trail and head around the first few bends, dips, drops etc… Then my first real obstacle. I am quickly approaching a mud puddle that is about 7-8 inches deep, and extends all the way across the trail and then some. As I approach I am trying to figure the best way around it and ultimately decide to bail off the back. For some reason though as I was going down hill I ended up bailing to the front and right into the mud!

Initially I was pissed, then I just laughed as I tried to get the bottom of my feet as dry as possible so I could get rolling again on this trail. I am not sure what happened, but now that my first fall happened I was able to relax and enjoy a little more. I continued down the trail now being able to breath. During the 2 miles I realized just how little I noticed my 661’s and just how much I need them. I fell about 10 more times a few of which were pretty good ones. When I finally finished I realized that my tire was over inflated for the trails. I kept getting thrown off when I hit roots, which accounted for about 8 of my falls. I also switched from my Fireball to the Duo Leopard when I got home. I made sure I had less than 20lbs of air pressure this time.

When I finished I was actually feeling pretty good. I am sure I could have ridden longer, but wanted to take some time to figure out why I was falling so much first. I am heading out again tomorrow after work to see if the changes make a difference. I need to get ready before April so I don’t look like a complete moron. :smiley:

I forgot to mention that every comment I heard was positive and supportive. I even passed a group of four Mtn Bikers several times when they were stopping to rest. A couple times after they passed me I was able to keep up with them for a short distance. Not that they were any good, but it still felt good.

Nice, Bug!

It won’t be long until you stop getting the encouraging comments and start getting resentful looks. Then you’ll know you’re starting to settle in.

They weren’t the encouraging comments like I was pitiful, they were more like, wow, cool, man, holy crap, you got more balls than I do! As opposed to the where is your other wheel, CLOWN!, you’re missing a wheel… But I am sure that if I ever get talented enough to pass someone on a hill like others on this forum, I will know the looks your talking about. Then I will have settled in!

Sounds like a great time Bugs. This trail, and the mini-loop at the park, you’ll be giving the Toms a run for the prize in Memphis. Keep up the practice. --chirokid–