My first post & video on!

Hi all,
This is a link to one of my videos. I only started in June and I’m old and heavy so please bear that in mind when reviewing it! If you look back at the first one you can see the progress I’ve made. (A lot to me, maybe not so much to you guys.)

It’s nice to see other like minded compulsive unicyclers on here. I think I’m the only one in my town, that I know about.

Thanks in advance for tips, pointers etc.


Nice vid, juggling while idling is hard as.

Pretty cool music.

Good work.

Hi Bob!

I was quite impressed with the riding. You’ve made quick progress since June, let me tell you! Don’t worry about skill level too much. Here, we’re all about supporting each other and giving pointers, so no need to worry. :slight_smile: Hope to see more vids from you soon!

Welcome to the forums!

welcome unibob, nice to see other guys in my age!

…cool vid btw

i enjoyed this video a lot, you seem to have all the basic skills and more which is great. Keep up the good riding.