My first picnic table jump

Went to the cribbies today and pulled my first whole picnic table jump… check it out:

“mad scientest first table”

Mad Sci

nice, i wish i could do that, but did you have a trials wheelset on a 24 inch frame?


Nice! I really need to work on my rolling hops…

Keep it up!


Awesome. You’ve just earned a place as the coolest forum newb ever.

Congratulations! That must be a really cool skill to have!

nice hop mike

Nice job, how high is that table?

I am pretty sure that’s Mike Clark who useally posts as onetrack.

Wow. That was really good. It looks like you fold up so well that your hand touches your foot. That’s kind of inspiring. How old are you?


Nice man

wait, isn’t he the one gliding in universe 2?

If so , you’re my hero. If not, nice hop anyway. You’re still somewhat my hero.

It ain’t Mike, it’s the Mad Scientist!!
Killer hoppage MC!





It makes me feel good to read such nice words.

To answer some questions. I am 19, and the table was 72cm.

Mad Sci