my first parade is tomorrow

my towns having its annual christmas parade and im ridin in it tomorrow. im thinkin’ im just gonna stick with glides, ww’s, and stand up ww’s. i may throw in little fillers like backwards or something. it should be fun. this’ll be my first parade and there’ll probably be at least 1000 people there and im doing it alone. im a little nervous but excited. wish me luck, ill try to get pics if its not to dark out durin’ it.

Good luck!
Enjoy all the smiles of approval!

Good luck man.

Good luck… I did my first and only last year at a Christmas Parade, and the only mistake I made was not knowing the route. Might not sound important, but the route had a set of tracks running down the middle of it. Happy to say no UPDs. Also suggest a pocket full of candy to pass off to the crowd…

Awesome dude… I could never do a parade since my freestyle skills are unispins and crankflips haha… thats sweet man keep it up :smiley:

yea i wouldnt do a crankflip in a parade either. the crowd wouldnt be able to tell it from a hop. buncha suckers.:slight_smile:

I rode in a parade yesterday. Seat drags are really good if you can get the pick consistently. If not, people like wheel walk, seat in front or back with the seat far extended and spins/pireouttes.

haha and for non unicycling persons a glide is way more impressive then a crankflip or any flips rlly

i think a unispin would be pretty impressive to a non unier

wow your name is jonny… i didnt know that…well good luck any way… oh and um seat on stomach is like the coolest trick to all my non uniing buddies, even though its lame and stupid…


In my experience just being able to ride a unicycle at all seems to impress most people. I can’t do anything that would impress another unicyclist, but to the general public I’m a gravity-defying hero :slight_smile:
I would say that “obvious” tricks like riding backwards, wheelwalking, even unispins, would do best in a parade (if you can do them). Things like crank flips don’t really look impressive - only another unicyclist would know it’s difficult.
Just don’t worry about what you do though - it’s very easy to impress non-unicycling people without doing anything hard at all.


Remember to have fun! And listen to your audience responses, that will tell you which tricks or moves are the most interesting for your crowd. I agree with spins as a good one, and hops. If you can jump rope it’ll blow them away. Otherwise keep it visual. Wheel walking looks harder than gliding (but gliding is more fun and faster). Coasting usually gets no reaction at all so don’t bother. Picking small objects up off the ground is a good one as well. Great if you’re a juggler.

its tonight. im gettin nervous. alos, im not registered il have to jump in when the cops arent watching. therell be thousands there. nerve wracking man

thanks jon sounds like youve had some experince huh?

I “crashed” a parade last year. I just road around amoungst the floats and other entries and I attracted a lot of attention. It was fun.

Don’t worry about the cops. They won’t know if you are supposed to be there or not. Go down to where the parade starts and get in line with one of the groups.

Don’t worry about doing fancy tricks. Just seeing a unicyclist “live” will be fun enough for most of the people. Wave and interact with the crowd.

Have fun.

You were nervous…I was in the Macys day parade…appx. 50 million people watch that :astonished:


My best advice as a long time parade performer, work the crowds! Do your skills over toward the sides or in front of a group of people, use lots of hand motions, call attention to yourself and ask for applause they love to give it in these situations. Stop and chat for a second. Let someone try to ride your uni. Clown it up. It really makes a difference for the parade goers when they feel like someone is noticing them rather than them sitting idly by and watching from a distance. Besides, you’ll have a lot more fun that way as well.


show time babies. bout tuh leave man. a little nervous cuz man theres gonna be so many people. hopefully ill calm down when it starts.

How was the parade?

it was great! i jumped right on in- not being registered didnt hold me back. i did several wheel walks cuz i knew i was too nervous to pull a decent glide. i did mostly wheel walks and backwards riding. also whenever i saw like a little kid with a bag or whatever i went up to em personally and gave em candy. i tried a few times to do a stand up wheel walk, but it was real cold so my feet werent really in the right place for it, so i only went like 10 ft and dismounted. no falls tho thankfully. also i gave candy to all the hot girls my age so that was fun. over all it was pretty cool and ill do the next one.

That’s good. Remember what it was like for you to watch parades in the past. They can be a very interactive audicence!

Also I hadn’t thought about the idea of crashing a parade, in terms of the freedom you get. You aren’t stuck between a certain two units; you can pick and choose where you’ll be. If you have the time to see how the parade is going, it would be fun to get in somewhere in a boring section, where the crowds are looking for something interesting. Then they’ll be even more receptive!

Glad you had fun in your first parade. Hope this advice will be useful for future parade riders (who know how to search)…