My first non-Muni ride with a fellow unicyclist

Matt’s 3-uni order arrived on Thursday and he quickly started trolling for some riding partners. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and invited him to bring his 28’r to one of my favorite “road riding” trails. This is the Mission Trail that links several of the histoic Spanish Missions here in San Antonio. Matt is a much more experinced unicyclist than myself and less than half my age, so I knew that I was just asking for trouble. I didn’t really know how much trouble that would be until he opened his trunk and there it was! He brought his new COKER!!!
I warned him he was going to have to spend a lot of time waiting for me but this was the perfect trail for him to get used to Cokering (except for the gusty winds on the way out). The trail is paved and basically winds through the south side of the city along the San Antonio River.
There are quite a few very small hills along the route which allowed both of us to pratice our climbing and descending skills.
I used to think I got a lot of looks from people as I rode past them, but it was nothing like the stares we got riding together. Most of the locals never get to see a unicylist, much less 2 at once and especially on a 28" and a Coker.
We ended up with just over 11 miles and the Sun was setting just as we returned to the truck.

Oops, I wrote a quick litty thingy about our ride too :slight_smile: I’m not a good story teller though… we can try it on the 28s next time… I have to trim my seat post before I can ride that one!