My first newspaper article and they print a picture of someone else

At least it’s someone I know (UPDinUtah) :roll_eyes:

It’s an excellent article, Ben. It’s not peppered with the no-longer-clever missing a wheel comments or anything inaccurate about unicycling itself. Too bad about the photo but, from the caption, it looks like that’s not a mix up either. It just says that it’s a mountain unicyclist.

Good article, sucks about the photo. First time i was on tv they spelled my last name wrong :angry:

insert your photo here…

Just have your wife attach your photo before she posts it on the refrigerator.

Nice writeup! (thumbsup icon here)

It’s a great article Ben, very nice. Too bad about the picture though :frowning:
How’d the weekend go?

No problem, Bert deserves some face time, just wish he could have made the event.

We had a great time, description and pics on the event thread :slight_smile:

Radial xD

Hey, nice article anyway. But yes; seeing the picture of the editor, make you also curious about the unicyclist…

Strange enough that never happens with my name, I guess it’s so complicated they check it 10x.

I know the feeling - An edited radio interview I did last year was fine, it 's content accurate and all. But the web-teaser print article was a mashup of various things that had been discussed and is basically a fantasy.

Though the photos were of me. Indeed they were great pics and they sent me hi res copies. So not such an insult as you had.

Don’t feel bad…


Don’t feel bad about them mixing up the photo. The rider in the picture is far more handsome than you anyway. Think of it this way – it’s probably better for the sport! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Of course I might just be a little biased. :wink: )

Seriously, it is a very good article, despite the goof-ball in picture! :smiley:


UPD in Utah

Hey UPD,

I see you are still overly modest. :slight_smile:

It is a good picture.


i like the picture! and the article

Yeah, says the guy who got his picture in the paper :roll_eyes:

You can make it up to me by coming riding in Virginia :smiley:

Ben, great article! :smiley: