my first muni

Today I arrived in Charlottesville Virginia and i had my frist ever muni ride. If you have never done muni, try it and you will be hooked. IT IS THE BEST! It is so exciting!BEfore today all i did was ride the completely flat land at elevation 5 in florida! WOW was muni a surprise. Seeing franks muni made me salivate! Even though riding rough trails screws up my 24"sun its so worth it. I wish i lived here! I want to live somewhere near mountains so I can do it everyday!!!

Wow, your pretty excited…Did you ride with hell-on-wheel?

yeah, with frank, it was awesome!

Im in the same boat as you george, i tried a bit of munistyle riding couple of weeks ago, abd now im saving up, welll actually i need to apply for a job, but i NEED a Muni now

Yeah that was a lot of fun yesterday. Hopefully we can ride again today. George has some crazy skill after just 5 weeks of riding.

Craziest thing happened too. When George was riding up to our rendezous someone asked him if he knew Trip Glazer! Later on we both met him running on the trails. I don’t remember his name, but Trip, evidently he knows you from Kentucky. He goes to UVA now. He said he’s seen me around but never asked me if I knew you. Instead, he happened to ask a visiting unicyclist from Florida, who, nonetheless, does know (or know of) Trip Glazer. Small world, or another sign of the growing infamy of Hell on Wheel?