My First Muni Video

Here is a video wot I have made of a muni ride we did today.

It was fast riding, so I shot it all from a unicycle. It is a bit hard to see the details of the trail, especially on the youtube version, but there are tons of rocks and roots and things that we are riding over.

On the bonus section, I ride down Jackson’s Lane - a well known local trail, entirely in one hand-held take, with no UPDs or stops. I am quite proud of this - I think I may be the only unicyclist to clean it so far (although mainly just cos there aren’t many local unicyclists!)

For some reason this video doesn’t seem to embed in the forums, does anyone know why?


Loose the # from the end of the url and it’ll embed :slight_smile:

There’s an interesting ‘yelp’ at 2:10. Did you run over one of those little yappy dogs by any chance?

It was a good ride today. Good not just because it was a fun day out with nice riding and pleasant company, but because my body isn’t feeling in quite the state that most of your muni rides leave it in!


Weird. I tried it both ways. Now when I try it in a post, it works okay.

I think it must have been because youtube hadn’t finished processing it fully - it wasn’t searchable on youtube either.

The yelp is actually a manly oof sound, caused by riding over a load of rocks whilst looking at the camera. If you look carefully, I actually sped that section up to double speed, so it is double the pitch too, hence the squeakyness (honest).