my first muni ride

Just did my first real muni ride. First impression, this is the greatest
sport the face of this earth has ever seen!! Dispite the fact that i was
doing it on my piece’o’crap 28 spoke schwin 24, i had the best time i have
ever had doing anything! within maybe 20 min we went from 10 tryes for lines
like, 2 roots, over a small log, down 1 ft steep grade and then through the
pile of rocks, to 1 try for: down that 14ft 50 degree slope full of nothing
but huge rocks and roots-through the river at the bottom-… Lots of fun,
not much pain. exactly the right amount of difficulty, but plenty of room to
grow in that same area. the only real pain i expirienced was in griping the
torker seet taht was the only one left with a grip taht i had not destroyed
already. It is actualy hurting very much to type right now because of that.
you had to kinda, lock your fingers inside the slot provided under the
saddle, and grip your palm and your thumb firmly around the nose of the
saddle. this left no room for a person on the seat whatsoever, and had to be
done from the mount or you were never going to be able to grip it later. My
little bros pashly with the “horrible” viscount seat was sooooooooooooo much
better. i would have traded my left balence arm to have had his seat.
anyway, im planing on building a handle on the schwin seat using an old seat
post cut off about 1 1/2" from the braket, and an old road bike stem. simply
drill new holes in the front of the seat frame, attach the braket just like
if you were attaching it in the normal place, and tighten the stem where it
would normaly hold the handlebars to the seat post, use some duct tape along
with some sanding to patch up the rough edges, and you have a nice little
handlebar. and i have to say, out off all the seats i have used, including
the myata air seat conversion, my schwin is the most comfortable. Just
unusable for the moment for lack of any place to grip. ill report back with
how the handle instalation works. if it works, its a fairly easy prosses
using parts most people have lying around in the garauge.

trevor andersen

Keep up the good work. I remember my first real Muni ride was great. I was all alone,it was nothing peaceful, while still intense at the same time. Muni really is a great sport.
-David Kaplan

first muni ride

well what comes to mind first is… hurting, anger, rage, sadness.
for my first muni ride i tried a trail that most people who ride for awhile dont ride, it was way to hard to start on, to steep and stuff.
But i guessss that the best way to learm, to try somthing WAY to hard, get real frusturated, and keep on doin it, till you get it, i think its helped me, BUT GOOD FOR YOU,!!! GO MUni RIDIN!!! HAVE FUN!!!

One way of defining ‘Muni’ is simply unicycling where the terrain is chosen to make the ride more challenging.

And what is challenging will vary according to the rider, the uni, the weather and so on.

So if you’re on a 24 inch with 24 spokes and a crummy seat, then it will be much easier to find challenging terrain. (Of course, taken to its logical conclusion, this means we’d all save a lot of travelling to muni sites by riding ultimate wheels across slightly bumpy lawns.)

Anyway, my point is, if the seat’s difficult to grip, why not get your challenge by riding the most difficult stuff you can do without gripping the seat? There’s more to off road unicycling than extreme ascents and descents. I’ve had some of my best fun on fairly flat forest tracks with mud and puddles and ruts to provide the challenge.

And if descents are vital to your enjoyment but you can’t grip the seat, you could always wear a weightbelt. ;0)