my first Muni ride

heres the video from my first Muni ride, i know im not very good, and i dont have a muni, and its got some trials stuff in it, but i had fun :smiley:
sorry i didnt get much video on the actual trail thing :smiley:


keep it up muni is great fun one of the best types of unicycling imo
(along with trials)

i liked the bush fail

also in noticed your binary thingy (actually quite clever)

first post:-P

thanks :slight_smile: the only reason i havent done more is transport :roll_eyes: but hopefully that shoudlnt be an issue any more (new car) :smiley:

Bad song choice (:p), but I enjoyed that litlle video anyways.

thanks :D, i know it was bad, i didnt edit the video though, my friend did it for me :smiley: