My first Muni ride… thanks Adam (JustOneWheel)!

Well, I guess you could say that I had my first official Muni ride yesterday… considering the last time I rode in the trails was in my early teens, before the term ‘Muni’ had even been coined… a time before Cokers… when a 36” wheel unicycle with an inflatable tire was merely a fantasy!

Many thanks to Adam (JustOneWheel) for being an outstanding tour guide. I had an incredible time! Adam showed me some of his favorite places along the Greenbelt.

This guy is one incredible Coker Muni rider! On top of having the skills to blitzkrieg through the trails like a madman through the tight turns, up, over, and around roots, over jumps and drop-offs, and through the berms, this guy has unbelievable endurance. While I was able to keep on his tail for the flats and downhills, once we got to some of the steep climbs, my legs felt like jello and a decent size root could (and often did) take me down… while Adam was already at the top of the hill like it was nothing! He even made it about 85% up a really steep hill that I know he’ll conquer soon! Granted, I went on my 1st real decent NYC endurance ride of the season yesterday (after a long winter of just neighborhood blasts and short river rides)… so my legs were starting out a bit sore, but nonetheless I know it will still take me a while to build up my endurance to Adam’s level.

The Greenbelt is awesome! If you live (or are visiting) the area you should DEFINITELY ride these trails. I mean come on… John Foss recommended these trails and he’s ridden Muni trails all over the world! Be sure to get in touch with Adam to be your tour guide… he’s fortunate enough to live right on the edge of the trails and rides twice a day almost every day… and you couldn’t find a nicer, friendlier more knowledgeable and accommodating (he didn’t mind waiting for me when I needed breathers) tour guide than Adam.

Adam is doing a lot of exciting things to promote the sport, including organizing many more Muni rides throughout the season. He is truly an asset to our community.

Now that I’m getting into Coker Muni riding (is there a term for that? CoMuni?), I look forward to meeting some of my fellow CoMuni enthusiasts at a future Greenbelt Muni Ride or elsewhere. Even if you can’t make it to an organized ride… or you just want to go for a Muni ride on the spur of the moment… you can always get in touch with Adam (since he rides the Greenbelt everyday and is always looking for other Cokernauts to ride with) to go for a blast… and don’t forget to let me know, too :D. Thanks again, Adam, for an absolutely incredible time. And thanks to your lovely wife, Renie, as well…for the cold drink and the warm greetings… it is always a pleasure to see you guys!

High Quality East Coast Muni Ride

My pleasure to have you Andrew. Your riding was very impressive especially for a first time Muni rider. I look forward to having you at future rides. Andrew is also involved in many projects with respect to bringing the sport of unicycling to the masses. All the unique ideas motivation and contacts will make it happen.
The Long Island Greenbelt Muni rides have just begun.
Look to the forum within the next day and I will post the next ride.

If anyone is interested in doing a muni ride on a date other than a scheduled ride please let me know.