My first muni ride on my muni

On friday I got my first muni it’s a qu-ax 24" it has 170’s so is not the quickest muni in the world but it’s good for going up hill :slight_smile: I find that I keep wacking the inside of my knees on the frame as it is sooooo fat! I now find it kind of painful to walk :frowning: but it’s not so bad.
The duro did not seem to like the deep mud that was in pentifal supply. i even managed to wheel spin a few times before almost falling head first into the mud. I do belive that with some tyre pressure management I should be ok though.
The only bad thing I have found with the qu-ax muni is the seat, it is very comfortable it’s basically a kh but the side is made of the same stuff that the kh has as colour bits if you get what i mean…
So you can’t not just wipe the mud off which is a bit of a killer on a muni saddle!
Apart from that it was a fun ride but I still miss the 19" trials…

Glad to hear you’ve finally got it! I know you’ve not had the chance to put it through it’s paces, yet, but how do the hub and cranks seem? I take it you’ve got the brake bosses on your frame? Well, if you’re not using a brake, then you could maybe get a Qu-Ax standard frame- I use one on my muni and it’s great! No sticky-out bits at the side! Only £13 from! My muni is on the first gallery page at the minute under OWS’s unis or something similar, so take a look.