My first Muni experience tomorrow.

I was invited to tag along on a Muni ride tomorrow afternoon. I am not sure who all is definitely going, but rumor has it Harper(who has been strangely quite for someone who averages about 4 posts a day) will be on the ride here in the Atlanta area.

I have only been riding a uni for about 2 months, and the only uni I have is a Torker 24 inch Stealth. I have tried it a little offroad, but it really isn’t suited for anything too rough. I do have a KH24 on order and look forward to hitting the trails in the future. As for tomorrow, I will be along mostly as a spectator on my trusty Mtn Bike. I plan on taking my video camera to document my first time seeing Muni. Pretty excited even though I won’t be on my Uni.

A side note, I was backing out of the garage and heard a little noise and some resistance under my front tire. I stopped immediately, and jumped out to see what was going on. Much to my dismay it was my Uni laying there. The wheel was tweaked slightly but not so bad that when I turned it nothing rubbed. I took it to a LBS to have it trued. They did a pretty good job(rideable) and didn’t charge me anything since it wasn’t perfect. I plan on keeping it for a backup, getting a 20 inch for my wife to learn on. Some days are better than others. The thing that made me the most upset about running it over was the thought that I wouldn’t be able to ride for a few days.:smiley:

Your choice of spectating from mountain bike is an excellent idea!!! I did the same thing the first time I met the MUni riders in my immediate area. It gives you a good perspective into the world of MUni. By the time the ride is over, you’ll be going crazy while waiting for your MUni to arrive so that you can “do it in the dirt!!!”

The first time I rode with more than one MUni rider was at last year’s CAL MUni weekend. There were many more experienced riders than I and I often found myself at the end of the pack. But, the more experienced riders stopped so often, I still got to watch a lot and rode enough to feel a part of things.

We won’t do Kris Holm type riding right off the bat, and anyone “punchin a clock” rides to have fun and gradually increase his/her skills over time.

The MTB is a great way to ride and if they stop to work the trail, ask to borrow one to try.

Have fun:D


Whether uni or MTB you’re going to have a great time. My 11 yo daughter and her friend were riding the woods on the Stealth 20 tire and a Primo The Wall yesterday with little problem. A big fat tire is better but you can have pleny of fun on your 24.

Wishing we were there…

oh, how i wish there were trails and woods and the like near my house. everything has been developed as far as the eye can see. and being in the 'burbs of the los angeles area, one can’t see very far anyway. i feel just awful using the knobby on the harsh sidewalk and pavement. even the parks around here have concrete-d paths.

ordering my hookworm very shortly…

Had an awesome time.

Well I headed out to the mountain bike park about 11 am this morning. The park is on the opposite side of Atlanta from were I live, but all the riders that were going work at, or are related to the Drummonds. Even though it is a bit of a trek I knew it would be worth it to see some much more experienced riders take on the trails. I made a stop for breakfast, then headed to the park for a 1:00 rondevu.

When I got there Russel(guy who showed me how to freemount) and one other was there.(Sorry I am terrible with names. I did remember he attends Pope High. Same school my brothers graduated from.) I talked with them for a few minutes when a nice black BMW roles into the gravel parking lot with none other than Harper behing the wheel. He got out and we all did introductions and he is a really nice/positive guy. It was great to meet someone from here. So at this point we were waiting on John, and his sons to show up. They were running late from church, and John is battling a wicked cold or allergies. So Corey and Casey made it and we suited up for the ride. Me and my buddy John on Mountain bikes, and everyone else on Muni’s.

I started out in back because I really wanted to watch what everyone was doing, but after a while passed everyone so I could get some video of them coming down the trail. I got some ok footage, but really need practice filming this sort of thing. I left the camera on in my backpack 2 times and turned it off when Harper was doing a 3-4 foot drop off of a log. Out of about 13 minutes of video I probably have 5 good minutes. I would post it, but I am a computer idiot and have no idea how to do it. You should be thankful, since a good part of it was inside the backpack. :smiley:

After we were about halfway through I finished video taping our last stop at a log across the trail, my buddy John and I went on ahead. Unfortunately John took off and in my haste to catch up to him, I totally forgot to say goodbye and thank everyone for a great time. So Harper when you get back home, and read this I didn’t mean to leave w/o saying thanks. I did have a great time, and was really impressed with your ability, as well as Russel, ?, and the Drummond boys. I had a great time. Unfortunately though with the late start we had I was pressed for time and needed to get back to my side of town. I had company show up at the house while we were on the trail(wife called while I was filming) and needed to get home to entertain them.

It was a beautiful day, and I can’t imagine anything else I would have rather been doing. I can’t wait until my KH24 shows up! I will be taking it to the Yellow River MTB park that is just a few miles from me. If the guys from are nice enough to offer again, I will jump at the chance to go with them.