My first muni #2

Or my second muni. Today at about 2 o clock frank and i went to the top of a really huge hill/mountain and did some muni. We did some pretty steep stuff. It was really awesome. I had a lot less upds and much more skill.

Afterwards we went back to his house to do some trials. We rode a couple skinnys and did some hopping. About halfway through the trials, I tried to hop down 4 stairs and bent my wheel again. It really sucked. So we switched off with franks for a little while. Later doing trials I got my personal best 16 inch hop. It was great. It was seat out in front too! After that frank rode off of a ledge onto a steep slope and bent his wheel too. not as bad as mine, but his is a 600 dollar unicycle…Great day anyway, really fun. No riding tomorrow but it was worth it!!!

by the way, i didnt get that much video. oh well

Re: My first muni #2

Dude, you’re in Florida…there ain’t no mountains :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

You guys NEED to wear helmets! (udderly cool)!

this week i have been in virginia. thats why it is so cool to me to do some muni