My First High-speed UPD

I don’t vote in polls, but I would like to make my voice heard for the “Please do not show us your butt” campaign.

[Furiously waves ‘show us your butt’ banner]
[/Furiously waves ‘show us your butt’ banner]

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thats a good point, I rarely ride without my helmet even though I haven’t needed it yet.
according to Murphy’s Law, riding without my helmet will be when I need it the most.

That was quick.
Should make it to a T-shirt pretty soon.

Harper, listen up young man! :wink:

I always wear my helmet on my 29er (I didn’t in some pix because it was just a quick photo shoot), as you can see in the Gasworks ride pictures in Greg and Tom’s albums. When freestyling I rarely if ever wear a helmet unless I’m with this one local club that requiers helmets. [remotelyfunnystory] One time I “forgot” (hint hint the quote marks) my helmet for one of those club meets, and I went about 5 minutes until the club manager noticed. I just said I “forgot” it, and all she did was say, “Then none of those crazy stand on frame wheelwalker tricks!” Shows the amount of exposure to the real unicycling world that club has had…they still call idling “rocker riding.” I correct them every time they say that, but nobody ever remembers. Plus they call wheelwalking “tire walker.” Makes me want to puke.:stuck_out_tongue: [/remotelyfunnystory]

I had owned my coker for about a week and put 125’s onto it. Went out to see how fast it goes and got 19.9mph on 1st attempt (with the stock 152’s I got 18.2 one day). Still haven’t tried to beat either, or even get near to it. My one-footed-fall on the coker, and my broken collarbone from doing 17mph on a 24", have reduced the speed that I am willing to ride the coker at.

I don’t like going faster than running speed now.

I ride my single-speed bike as fast as I can tho!!!

How big is your arse? That foto looks like it was taken from space. Is it an asteroid or summat? :wink:


I like big butts, and I cannot lie!!

ha ha.

actually I just took it really close up, so it doesn’t really look like a butt, its just the injury.

So you’ve got a strangely shaped arse do you? Ashamed of it are you? You should have taken it Bart Simpson style: pants down, turning to camera, pointing at arse, big smile (on face). “Check out my arse!” stylee.

Seriously tho, I hope it doesn’t affect your sitting and that it heals quick.


here’s my knee…its not quite as bad.

Picture 005.jpg

thats a joke right? yer parents realy would let you buy a coker wouldn’t they?

Is it compulsory to UPD at high speed on your first or second ride of a coker? If so I might have to reconsider my future plans for buying one.


nope, I’ve had a coker for over a year and this is my first bad fall…seems like others weren’t quite so lucky though q-:

Thank goodness, cos I’m a big coward. I don’t do pain.


I haven’t had a bad fall yet either and I ride a lot. I ride cautioslu and with head, knee and elbow pads.

I thought you had kids? That must hurt more than falling off a Coker. And Cokers don’t stop out late and worry you, mix with the wrong crowd, and tap you for money every day.:wink:

Watch out for the Coker, James_Potter, it’ll tear you a new asshole if you aren’t careful

Hey. I actually had that happen to me. Not on a Coker, though. It was on (or off) my SH MUni.
I wonder if that would have been any usefull for your purple butt… Or its little brother on the same page…
I can’t wait to buy a Cocker or a Guni…

You are really flying. I measured my speed on my Coker yesterday. I average 7-8 with a max speed of 9.9 miles an hour.

I’ve heard stories of people going faster than 18 mph, Did your vision shift to reds at such speeds? There is speculation that cranks bend and twist, become ‘rubbery’, maybe that’s what lead to the UPD. I’m surprised your tire didn’t explode. I’d have those scapes check by NASA doctors, they could have picked up something alien.

Welcome back, glad you made it. :slight_smile: