My First High-speed UPD

so I was out riding my coker, and I was going for a new high speed record, and I almost got it…but unfortunately, I got my first high speed UPD (: I was riding down the hill going as fast as I possibly could, and if I had stayed on I think I would have made it…but halfway down the hill I realized I was leaning way too far forward and the ground was coming closer, disturbingly fast. so I decided to jump and hope for the best. I tried to do that tuck and roll thing, and it kinda worked, I only have minor injuries. so I tucked my head and tried to roll on my shoulder, but I kinda landed more on my side…I hit my hip real hard and my hands kinda hard, so now there’s two little holes in my hand and one HUGE scrape on my butt. I’d take a picture, because its a rather impressive wound, but, you know, its on my butt. I think theres one on my knee too though, I only just started feeling it…yeah, theres one there too, and it hurts, but its not very big. when I checked the cycle computer, my top speed was 18.8 miles per hour, and my fastest EVER was 19.2. SO CLOSE!! so in conclusion…that was fun.

One more reason why my parents won’t let me buy a Coker…sigh

do you have a bike?
tell them, a bike is considerably more dangerous.
unless they’re the kind of parents who would just take the bike away, too…q-:

All I can say is,

I want a Coker. :slight_smile:

owww i went on saras coker and was going quick but i pulled the break and went flying that wss painfull but not as much as urs must be

My first HSUPD was, of course, on my first Coker ride. I was Coker muni-ing with a wobble of experienced Cokeurs and struggling to keep up with them on some windy singletrack in the woods. Pedaling fast, turning, handling bumps, all for the first time on a 36" wheel made for a frighteningly exciting ride.

About 100 yards into the trail I came flying off the uni and into a tree. Luckily I was wearing enough armor to deflect myself from faceplanting into the tree, but it got my heart racing nonetheless. Sorry, James, but I managed to escape without scars!

So, young man, why weren’t you wearing more safety gear for your “world record high speed attempt”? Hmmm?

I was wearing a helmet…of course, my head didn’t hit the ground, it never does. hmm. I guess wrist guards would have been helpful…but what could you wear on your rear end to protect it? I’ve never seen any buttguards.

Feel better! Sounds terrible. I still don’t go very fast on my coker. I’m chicken.
Aren’t you just recovering from a broken foot, low speed sandal accident??

hehe, yeah, kinda…well, I pretty much am recovered from the broken foot now. and it’s not thaaat bad, just my hip kinda hurts and it might hurt to walk for a couple days. I’ll get over it though (:
going super fast on a coker is SCARY. you’re not chicken, you’re just smart q-:

If you’d had wrist guards, you’d prolly have “reached” for the ground with your hands. This is an excellent technique (when and where applicable) bc it means that you’re landing in an instinctual way (hands out) without much damage to your mitts. The rolling landing is a great idea, too, tho gen’ly we avoid the butt part, and again, wrist guards can help with this part, too.

I experienced a similar sort of dismount fairly recently on my geared up torker TX. I suffered minor abrasions as you did, and learned that I have the most excellent tuck and roll reflex, which definitely is a most useful thing to have. Especially when you’re falling from the extra height of a giraffe :slight_smile:

Hey. This is a unicycle related injury and a photo is entirely appropriate. Think of how much Catboy and Kristine would appreciate it. This is for unicycling Michael, do it.

Gloves will protect the hands from getting scraped up from a UPD. You don’t need to wear wrist guards to protect your hands. Wrist guards are to protect your wrists. Cycling gloves will slide on the pavement and protect your hands from road rash. I’ve tested my gloves in a high speed Coker UPD and they protected my hands just fine when I went sliding on the ground (I also had knee pads on so I slid on my hands and knees Superman style).

DH MTB shorts will protect your butt from road rash.

Unless you fall hard, such as when going your top speed on a Coker. Very different from going your top speed on a MUni with 170mm cranks. The wristguards will slide along the road as well, but depending on the design, may leave your fingers in peril. Gloves are way better than nothing, but may not be sufficient if you hit hard.

Wristguards with skids and hard plastic kneepads would be a good choice for high speed attempts. If you have those on and have practiced for it, you can aim for a hands-and-knees landing. Then if you do it right, you should slide.

I witnessed Yuichiro Kato using this technique at Unicon IV in Puerto Rico in 1988. This was the first time we ever did a gliding race (down a long hill), and the first time we made competitors wear kneepads and gloves (I think). In any case, he was lucky to have them on. I was maybe several hundred meters down the hill from the starting point, and when he passed me he was going faster than anyone I’d ever seen on a 24" unicycle. I would estimate at least 20mph. Then he fell, and slid a good 30m or so on his hands and knees. Without the kneepads and heavy gloves he was wearing, he would have been done for the day at that point. Instead he got up, checked to see he was in one piece, then started pushing his unicycle back up the hill (it didn’t have any pedals on it).

Today you learned a valuable lesson, with only minor penalty. That is, you should never ride a unicycle without any remaining “burst” power. Or else you’ll eventually go over the front. In racing, the skill is to learn your body’s limitations, by careful trial and error, and then learn to carefully eat into your buffer zone, but always leaving a little something there just in case.

Especially when the riding speed is faster than you can run!

So practice carefully, grasshopper. As your technique develops, and if your cranks aren’t too long, you should be able to hit and surpass 20mph in relative safety.

If you’re seriously on the lookout for buttgaurds, check out some snowboarding shops- you can get snowboarding buttgaurds. Possibly a good investment if you are planning on attempting this again.

Either that, or find some motorcycling leathers.

thanks, I’ll look into that!!

I think I also just need shorter crank arms…mine are crazy long for high speed attempts, 150mm. I think I’m gonna get 125’s at least, and hopefully 110’s…

A more cautious perspective might be to say it hasn’t yet. Don’t leave that helmet behind just 'cause you haven’t needed it yet.

My first HSUPD was also on my Coker. Not my first ride, which was just around my block, but on my second, which is when I decided to log some miles. I’m not even sure what took me down…might have been a little bump or just a lapse in concentration, but I pitched forward and had that split second to contemplate how fast I could run compared to how fast I was going, then BAM. My right foot hit first and I actually might have been able to run it out, but just as my left foot was about to hit the ground, the seat handle (I think) hit my right ankle HARD and I blew the run-out attempt and just tumbled. Got a bit of scuffed hand, but the ankle was the main injury. I walked it off for a little while until I stopped shaking, then decided to finish the couple miles I had left. That was probably my biggest mistake…I should have gone home immediately for elevation and ice. But since I didn’t, I ended up with a swollen, purple, gross-looking foot that lasted a couple of weeks. Made my wife think twice about the great present she had given me. :smiley:


Main reason they won’t let me get one is because there on the expensive side…and because i have a free 29" on the way (courtnesy of my uncle bob and his shop…Olde World Cyclery). and because they think 8 unicycles is to much :stuck_out_tongue:

My first thought was what a wonderful expletive:
“Jib booms and bobstays!” cried Captain Nancy.
“Snowboarding buttguards!” exclaimed Roger.

Then I thought of an elite regiment of soldiers dedicatied to protecting Prince Charles on his winter skiing holidays. Captain Nancy Blackett of the 1st Snowboarding Buttguards stood proudly to attention as the Prince adjusted his bobble hat, pulled on his goggles and set off down the piste…

Lovely expression.:slight_smile: