My First Grinds

I have had my unicycle for 1 month now and here’s my first video. It’s short but it’s a start.


Very nice. Grinds are a trick that no matter how good you get, it could always slip out from under you. Its good to see your wearing your helmet. I should wear mine more often.

Really good for 1 month…REALLY good haha.


Get some shin protection, even if its just soccer shin guards, you wont regret it.

yeah i know im getting them in 2 weeks then i will start trying for unispins. haha i can grind but haven’t done unispins yet… thats not common right?

Man I rock… at filming

dont be so full of your self :slight_smile: grinding takes alot less time to learn than unispins, I did a small grinds way before I could unispin, I went to a skate park and gave it a few trys, obviously I wasnt great at it but its alot easyer than unispins.

oi mate i wasn’t being a brager couldn’t you tell by the way i had a “?” at end… i was asking a question.

and I just thought that it was funny that i can’t do unispins yet.

I was sorta joking (note the :slight_smile: ) but still no one likes a show off

ok thanks for clearing that up for me

Yay go Evan!
now get to brisbane, Punk!

Good job, I first learned grinding on my LX 20"

nice I thought the first two were as clean though.:wink:

thanks everyone for the comments, im leave right now Reef have fun riding with jack cya’s both on the last weekend of the holidays.

bye bye