my first good video

check it out, let me know what you think.

to late to edit

but im the third rider.

Nice. You kinda owned the other two in the vid. The other parts were just wheelwalk conversions. I was about to stop watching untill I saw that rolling unispin. Something about rolling unispins just looks attractive. Great riding.

nice riding, all three of you, I liked the whole thing, it just worked… you know? great work man!

I liked it, I thought the ww variations were the best parts. you shouldn’t cut so early on so many clips though. Just refilm it with you doing it right or leave the whole shot. I still want to see this acidental hickflip from you Det-riot, after seeing your rolling 180 spin it makes it look even less likely. You clearly didnt land and ride out of that rolling 180 unispin and it certainly wasnt close to being a hickflip, despite the speed you went into it with the wheel only spun about a quater turn aposed to the full rev needed in a hickflip.

It was like that in other parts of the vid too. Which made it look pretty darn bad. Such as the stand up WW, and 2 times with the coasting.

you can’t say it looked REALLY bad though, sure a lot of the clips were clear that the trick wasn’t ridden out of or something but just because of that doesn’t mean the video was bad. If you weren’t saying the video was bad I’m not trying to chew you out it just sounds like you are putting down the whole video because he cut the clips before the bails and it was sometimes pretty obvious that a trick wasn’t ridden out of. I thought that even with the obvious bails being cut out it was still pretty good quality riding and flowed well with the music, the video as a whole was pretty good.


i know some of the stuff was sketchy, im not going to try and deny it.

The mounts are great. Good music for unicycling too

that was one of those vids thats very nice to watch if you see what I mean :slight_smile:

really like the ww down the 2 set, keep it up :wink:

– bobousse


Det-riot, you sucked in this vid. It definetely was not your a good video. The first two gus were alright, but they completely blew you out of the water. Do you only do trials/jump? Let me see something different in the next vid. You can at least do a kcick-up mount, that’s easy, your mount is easiest!!