My first gallery.

No one was more surprised than I to find that this gallery existed. I spent ages tring to upload it and thought it had failed. I went on a few days later to have another go, and there were the pictures! Anyway, I’ve added some captions, so they make more sense.

One person has already made a valid critical point: what is the purpose of the gallery, if it has no unicycling in? It just has a Coker posing in the foreground in most of the pictures.

Well, firstly, I’ve only just got my first digital camera, so I needed to experiment to see how the gallery works. Secondly, I usually ride alone, so action shots are a problem. but mainly, I have written up various rides around this area, and many people have asked me (in the forum, or by PM or direct email) for photos to illustrate.

It’s the best I can do with the resources I have. I think they’re quite nice pictures, but then, I would.

Nice, I like the ‘Robin Hood’ sculpture.

Hey there,

I’m moving up there soon. Nottingham that is. We’ll have to meet up for a ride. I’m going to be living in Beeston and hopefully having lots of time to ride.

A lot of my pictures don’t have any unicycles in either, but they’re taken on rides which is the point.


Gone and got yourself a digital camera then Mike. You’ll have to take snaps of people you meet on your lone rides though I wouldn’t entrust them with your camera to take photos of you, especially in some of the places you ride. We’ll have to arrange a ride especially now that there is…

…another unicyclist in Notts.

Why you moving to Beeston Joe? If you need any info on the area just ask (I know Beeston and the surrounding area well).

Yep I do think a mini Munimeet would be in order.


Another unicyclist in Notts and moving to the Beeston area? Would that be to the University, Plessey, or the remains of Boots?

Maybe we can form a unicycle gang with a cool name ;0)

Get in touch when you’re this way. My riding’s not as good as my publicity, but I know lots of places where I can watch you and be humbled.


I’m moving up because Penny (girlfriend) is doing a phd at Nottingham, hence living in Beeston.

I’m probably going to be working in Sandiacre, which coincidentally is a nice unicycle commute away from Beeston.

I’ll post up here once I’ve got moving in and stuff sorted out, probably early september.


I like seeing the pictures of the places you’ve described so well in your ride reports. In some ways the pictures spoil the mental image I had of the places, but in other ways the pictures make it all the more clear.

One thing you might want to do is make a master gallery to hold all of your other galleries. It will make it easier for you and others to find all your galleries. Give your master gallery a good name like “” and move your other galleries as nested galleries in your master gallery.

You can use the Gallery Remote Java applet to move the galleries. The “Move album to…” feature in the Gallery Remote applet actually works so the process is easy.

Thanks for that. I’m not convinced by the gallery thing yet. All my write ups are true, and I never make up any of the details, but I tell them in a certain way, from a certain angle. All the people I meet are real, the comments are real, the places are real. I don’t mix ‘n’ match people or events from different rides to make one good story. However, I try to make a story or a cod philosophical point out of each event. Sometimes the descriptions are deliberately grotesque, parodic or ironic. I wonder if the photos simply spoil that.

The other thing is that there is some merit in the criticism that a load of photos of places is of no real interest to other unicyclists. I can’t take photos of myself riding unless I artificially pose them, and use the camera’s timer. We’ll see how I go. Perhaps I might simply embed the occasional photo in a story as I tell it.

I did 33 miles today on the Coker. It rained heavily for the last 11 miles. How I laughed. I didn’t take any photos, but at least the camera survived the experience! Write up follows when time allows.

I think it would be a good idea to embed links to photos from your gallery of the places you write about so people who struggle with mental pictures (that’ll be me at least) get some visual stimulation to your far from prose write-ups. I would say photos wouldn’t spoil your descriptions for me so if you used links people could choose to click or not.

As for riding photos maybe we could take photos of each other on a ride now we both have digital cameras, long shots only though :wink:

Cheers, Gary

Yes, must get together for a ride. Time flies by, then suddenly it’s Autumn again. I’m away for a few days, then we’ll see what we can do.