My first freemount!



Congrats!!! Now there’s nothing to stop you from riding 'round the world:D

Congratulations! How many hours practice before you accomplished it?

Well done, BraveSirStupid. You are now ready for errant unicycletry.

Well done!

It’s a great feeling when you can finally freemount.


About ~ 30 hours just wobbling around using ski poles to get started, with probably three or four hours of actual freemounting practice across three sessions at the end of rides.


Thats one of the best feelings ever!

Freedom. Oh sweet freedom. No more poles, walls, fences, people. You are on your own out there in a big world. Way to go! Enjoy!


Gosh. I recall the feeling. It was great not having to fnd a pole or wall or car or something to start the fun.