My first ever Mad4One came!

My beautiful Mad4One uni came. It’s a 19” Tecno and took about 2 weeks to ship from Italy to New York. I love the durability and style. Super lightweight and well made. Anyone know where I can get more 19” tubes for the 19” clean koala tire? I’d like to have a spare one on hand.

Just wanted to ask that and show off my new ride. Can’t wait to start learning street tricks.


Looks good!

I usually get the widest 20" tube I can find in bike stores, I think it’s normally a Schwalbe 20" for up to 2.4 wide. Pretty much all 20" tubes work, but the thinner ones easily get pinch flats (and are almost impossible to patch).

Has anyone done a comparison review of that tyre?

I’ve never seen one in person.

Schwalbe has a 20" downhill tube 20 x 2.10 - 3.0 called AV7D