My first documented Muni ride!

Hello hello…

Several months ago I finally broke down and bought myself a sweet Muni from Darren Bedford, and I’ve been itching to bring it out on some real trails. I was living in Toronto up until recently, and without a car there isn’t many places to go… However, I’m home now for the next two months and taking advantage of the great outdoors! Now I am by no means a great unicyclist, but I was really surprised with my ability to stay on the Muni as I navagated my through uneven terrain. At any rate, I brought my younger brother along to take some pictures… and here they are: Hope you like them…



we are from the burlington area (just west of toronto)
we ride off road at least once a week in the summer
if the home you have gone back to isnt too far, you might want to ride with us sometime

we have been trying to get a web page up and running but dont seem to be able to use the servers webspace or e-mail

we have a lot of cool videos and pics we are dying to share but cant get there from here

if you could forward any advice or tips on how to go about this we would be very appreciative

thanks paul and martin

Looks like a good time! Nice pics.

Great pictures. They make my alleged MUni rides look a bit flat by comparison.

Incidentally, if you’re from Toronto… I just spent the weekend with Toronto Morris Men, who came over here to see how it’s done. Great bunch of lads, good dancers, and a credit to Toronto. they also have the coolest logo of any Morris team I’ve met.

Nice photos at what looks like a very scenic area. Could you add some captions so we know what we’re looking at? Congratulations!


That is some SWEET terrain! :sunglasses: Looks like a great place to ride :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoyed your first muni ride :smiley:

Re: howdy

That does look like a nice area. Beats the desolate chapparal of Southern California.

Isn’t it great when the MUni bug grabs you!

Try . Peter Van Boekhout set up the unicycle tips website for Andrew Carter. I came across the reference in another thread just recently.

Hey guys,

I’m glad you enjoyed the pics… I should have thrown some captions on there, but at any rate the photos were taken just outside the town of Marathon. Which is located right on the north shore of Lake Superior. It’s 3 hour east of Thunder Bay, and 4 hours west of Sault St Marie. It’s the town I grew up in, and there is all sorts of great places for riding… I’m gonna miss them when I have to move back to TO again at the end of August.


(Sort of a thread jack) Oh my God! I’ve been there several times, but not in the last few years though. Photo’s from Spring, 1984.

Oh wow… that’s pretty crazy. It seems I tend to meet alot of people who have been to this town, or know people from this town… despite the fact that it’s pretty small. Those are some great pics… the hotel isn’t a hotel anymore, and the building up on the left (The Bay I believe it was then) has since burnt down. Nice to see the old pics though… thanks!