My first demo

today I did my first demo at the midnight madness in Huntsville, and it was awsomely fun, most people were impressed when I could ride then I got a huge reply when I started on the trials course that I brought. it included 2 skids, 2 boxes, 3 hopping posts and a 1 1/2 inch skinny, I rode for about 2 1/2 hours and some of my friends were nice enough to sneak up on me while I was on a post making me fall :roll_eyes: but I convinsed 1 of them to let me jump over them and it went succsesfull but I didn’t want to risk jumping 2 at once.

My mom and grandma came and said I probally had the biggest crowd the whole street! some of the comments I got were: your sick!, your my idol, does that hurt you nuts?, etc. one guy asked to try it and actually knew how he could hop alright but he was was all over the place with his riding, any ways out of the deal I got a norco jersey, water bottle and 30 bucks which is pretty good considering I thought I was doing it for free.

P.S. I might be in the news paper cause somone was asking asking questions/taking notes on me/ taking pictures

How did you get hooked up with this? Was this arranged by norco? Are you sponsored by Norco?

Sounds quite cool, congrats man.

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were you at OUI 06 (talking to radical reed )

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congratulations !

I was walking down the street and a guy who I know who runs a bike shop asked me if I wanted to do a unicycle demo at this street sale. I said sure, he just gave me the norco jersey though so I would look “cooler”. he just happens to deal norco bikes so that why. so it wasn’t arranged by norco:( and I’m deffinetly not sponsored by them. but it was my first public event where I went for people to watch me, and I might do another one in august!

no, but I would have loved to go, maby next year

yeah, yeah… I know… old thread, but I was going to use the same title so why not just bump this thread.

I did my first ever unicycle demo last night(got it on video too) and had a lot of fun, I wasn’t expecting anything out of the deal at all but I ended up getting a $10 gift card to Target which was pretty cool, I was really tired by the end of it but I had a lot of fun and the crowd reacted pretty well. My demo was part of a Talent Extravaganza thing that a youth group for a church was doing and before I did my demo I ran a “station” where I taught people to unicycle. I had heard about it through an email from a family friend and called up the organizer to let her know that I had a talent I could teach/demo and I was told the date, time , and location and just showed up with a few small props and some unicycles. I just hope I get another chance to do a demo like that, even for no money it would be really cool. Just thought I would share my first experience doing a demo with all of you.

Are you from Ontario Canada or California? If Canada, where was the demo?

I’ve done a few un-professional demos for like kids at my school after school was over or for kids at the skate park.

It’s stuff like this that sponsors like their riders to do.

Ryan Leach does hundreds of demos a year and talks a bit about how the skills he has developed apply to the world for regular people.

I did some professional demos!

I was in 3 editions of the SalĂŁo das Duas Rodas, The biggest event of the bike/motrcycles segment in Brazil and in South America!

I was in a BIG event here called GAS. It was promoted by a big companie in the soft drinks segment called Antartica. Some big names of radical sports like Bob Burnquist, Sandro Diaz was there too :D:D:D

My team (trial team) worked in other big events around here… I travelled a lot around the country!

Maybe i will ride next week in X-Game here in SĂŁo Paulo! :D:D:D

I have a big curriculum… but i still without a sponsor! :frowning:

Bye :smiley:

I sure hope they let you do some stuff in front of the audience. Bring some other good riders w/ you and maybee you can get an exhibition event.

This could lead to them having an official category for us in the future and some major possitive exposure for the sport:D :sunglasses: :o

Yeah, I definitely have developed some useful skills from my summer job(camp counselor at a cub scout camp) that made my demo a whole lot less stressful, and I can see how doing lots of demos can develop a lot of skills as far as promoting oneself, the sport, and just in general being a good presenter. I’m hoping to get the word out there more that I am willing to do more demos because I really enjoy it.

I hope you do some riding at the XGames, Good luck it should give great exposure to the sport.

I have a school talent show where all 800 kids at my school will be watching. I made up a routine including the basics, 40-45cm. hop, unispin, hoptwist, shifty, one-wheel ride, hopefully backwards if I can learn it. IT’S SO FREAKING HARD!
How did you guys learn it so easily

learn what? backwards riding? if that’s what you’re asking I just pushed backwards away from a wall and pedaled to keep up with my body. then I learned to control it and reverse directions… If you mean how did we learn our routines, then I just practiced everyday after I thought up the routine from the day I agreed to do the demo, by the time the demo came around I had the routine down fairly well.

Congrats on your demo! I may be doing one in the summer for my town’s Community Week, so that should be pretty cool.