My first Demo

While at a bike shop looking for a seatpost-clamp for my new muni, one of the guys remebered me from earlier and somehow figured out I do trials. so then he asked if i wanted to be in their trials demo at our citys bike race that is held evry year. So not skipping a beat I said I would do it, to help get unicycling bigger in my city.

So now for the questions:

  1. is there anyone on here would be able to join me in this demo
  2. (this one is for the people who have done it) what kinda questions are asked most
  3. does anyone have ideas for some good trials obstacles (I already got some from unicycle.2ya)

dancing spiderman.gif

You sound confused … :smiley:

I’d stick to stuff you know how to handle, you’ll look better that way.

There are some basic things at in the Obstacles section, you could play around with those ideas, maybe make them higher.

I’ve also drawn some sketches of sections for a new trials park going up near my house in this thread -

The problem is those ones are aimed at being as versatile as possible for both unicycle and bike trials and are permanent structures.

Sandwich boards are ideal for demos…build some of those.