my first crankflips

Here’s a new vid of me doing a few crankflips that I learned about a week ago.Thanks to Jonny for the footage!

Sweet. I still can’t land crankflips, I have a retardation in that area of unicycling. How did you go about learning them?

YouTube Link
It wass good today man. seems like we’re both trying to get better on a whole new level. no pre-hops and more gutsy tricks etc. cant wait to get my koxx! gonna be cool. im hopin this stems flip variaitions for you now, im sure it will. should be good to ride next time too,cuz ill have camera and ill bring my biggest memory card along with a backup and have the batereis all charged. and…i wont smell like a sandwich.

Nice, good job.

Which koxx uni are you getting Jonny?

the orange bud. it should be good. ive heard good and bad things about it. im excited cuz uni is like back in me again and im trying harder stuff and im really over all the tricks i used to do…theyve become old over the eyars so im ready to just revamp my tricks and get better. i may uit my job or cut my hours to focus more on it actually…yeah its that crazy. but yea forrest is insane with his level of progression. he hit a 270 unispin today too. and i think we’re gonna be doin a vid monday.