My first crank grab to tire!

I finally went from a crank grab to tire!! :smiley:
It actually isnt very hard if you just try it… I found that what really helps is to tilt your unicycle kinda sideways to the way you’re jumping. I know people explained this… but I found it hard to understand, so i drew everyone a picture!!! :smiley:

I know that it is the greatest picture ever, but we arent here so discuss my beautiful art… so no need to tell me how awesome it is :smiley:

crank grab.bmp (586 KB)

Good job…What kind of uni do you have?

DX :smiley:

How long have you been unicycling?

ummm… Well I’ve known how to ride unicycle for like 2-4 years when I was really little… but actually “started” at around 3 months ago :smiley:

Congrats on the good job NKahler. What’s next on to try list if you don’t mind me asking?? :smiley:

ummm… Im not sure, lol :smiley:
Maybe crankflips… I’ve been getting pretty close.
or unispins… :smiley:

You know any other easy but useful things I can learn?

unispins are easier

I dunno why, but when I try unispins… my feet dont even get close to the pedals… :frowning:

realy it dosent take to long to learn took me like 1/2 an hour crankflips took like a week

I guess Ill try them out tomorrow :smiley: What are other good things to learn?
I can…

zero plant
1 foot riding
crank grab
rolling hop pretty far
rolling hop rev
and some other stuff…

start throwin down on some stair sets

or up some. :smiley:

I can do stair sets, there just arent many good ones around here :smiley:

what is a zero plant

Its like a crankflip, but you plant one foot on the ground :smiley:

can’t it be anything where you have your your foot on the ground/ledge for a short time??
its called something else, i’m sure
but yeah… i just jump stuff, i don’t play with tricks.

Isnt that a footplant?
And ya, I think its more fun just to jump stuff instead of doing tricks. :smiley:

Nice. Those are nice to be able to do. I mean they are good to get up higher than you can jump.