My first "Coker-torial"

I made this almost a year ago, August of '08. It’s been on “private” almost since then, so I decided to make it public by requests, via a few recent emails and PMs asking for a bit more “explanatory” tutorial on 36er mounting and such.

I made this also before the KH 36er came out, so it’s not mentioned. I hope it might help a little for those maybe just starting out on big-wheel riding. I have made one or two other 36er tutorials on mounting, but this one’s a little more in depth. :slight_smile:

Cool tutorial, first time I’ve seen “the squid”, looks interesting - do you know how it holds up in terms of stiffness/twisting compared to the other 36er frames? I like how your first mount is exactly like I try to teach others to freemount on 24" (not putting weight on the pedal foot, but jumping off with the other …) :). Hope I get the chance to try a 36er soon.

Thanks for the tutorial. I think the segment on the rolling mount will help me on my 29er, too.
Nice kick-up mount. I’m afraid to even try that on my 19"