My first broken seatpost:

Here is it^^

hahaha you were probably like “oh shit”

haha that’s bad luck, but why did andy say it’s typical for onza?

this was a joke i make bad jokes abaut toms onza " just FUN "

I know how it feels bro.

ohh no… my brother also broke my seatpost and after that he made a thread for all these broken things from unicycles… here’s a link to the thread (if you want to upload some pics in there) Post your broken Uni parts here..

Watching that made me wonder if a round, padded wheel-type thing instead of a saddle would be great for unispins and other tricks. The round shape means you can grip it at any point and spin it easily, and your hand can also hold it easier and more securely than the underside of a saddle. I’m thinking of fashioning one for my trials uni. If anything, it might be an easier way to learn stuff. The wheel could be fairly small, like maybe 8’ diameter. This could turn out to be an actual “training wheel”!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

HeY!! thx for the link. I will provide pictures once inside!:wink:

Crank flips seem so deadly to your unicycle. I guess you have to be quite coordinated.