my first 540 unispin

Wow, sketchy. it was clean was very clean, so keep it up :wink:

BTW, nice Uni :smiley:

Thank you :wink:

Nice job! Now try them rolling!
I remember when I first landed 540s I was really happy =)

Do you have it on YouTube also?? because I’m in kroatia and I only have my ipod with me and I can’t watch vimeo vids there :s

Here is the video :

I love how you miss the seat first, but then catches it before it drop to the ground. :slight_smile:

hmmm that makes no sense!


pretty clean

Lol nice catch:p Cool, are you consistant with them at all?

I try it :smiley:

Thanks for the comments

yea i agree…

nice 5spin.
finally you landed it

Hehe, i ment it was sketchy with the hands when he lands, when i said clean i mean that the uni fully spins 540 degrees around

somebody has an idea why I use the 540 Unispin not create, as it was when you do you have it done after the first 540 immediately managed? musstet or her very very long train until you’ve done it again?
I am practicing it now for 3 days and have it managed only 4 times

I know what you mean, but i think the reason is that the bigger the tricks are the less often you land it.

btw you was the biggest inspiration for me to land my first 540 :smiley:

in the german forum you wrote that you would land it every 4th-5th time? :thinking:

That was the first day so well, but a few days later, he no longer :(:(:frowning: