my first 5 hours on a unicycle (nimbus 29)

let me know what you think!

Looks like you’re on your way! Nice progress, and nice uni.

Nice. Those spills in the parking lot are classic for learners.

i can solve all your problems. grab the wheel with your main hand as you mount. this prevents the wheel from shooting out under you. i will make a video if you want

Thanks for the kind words and the tips!
My main mistake was to try to free mount before learning to ride it.
In addition the seat post was too long and after 1 hour I shorten it with a pipe cutter.

I just bought a shin guards since the inner side of my right leg is ‘bumpy’ from the many hits on the pedal… I’ll have to wait a few weeks to fully recover.

i am gonna throw together a crap video of me doing a few mounts on my coker. they will be similar to to how you should mount a 29er or any other big wheel.

In doing this, you are compensating for the inadequacy of your foot control. Whilst this may be fine on a 36" (AKA Coker) where reaching the tyre doesn’t require much leaning forward, on a 29" it can mean leaning forward to an extent you are sacrificing balance. When learning to ride, it is important to try to stay upright, to aid with balance and understanding the feeling of the unicycle beneath you.

Well, this is my understanding and experience anyhows.