My first 20" training

Yesterday I went to my first unicycle training since 2003. My first time riding 20" instead of 26", too.

The most noticeable were the 75mm cranks. Pedalling felt like wiggling my toes. Took me a long while to get used to, but feels extremely smooth. Really cool.
Now I feel tempted to switch my 26" to 100mm, but there’s no way I’d manage to go down a steep hill like that.

Anyway, surprisingly I managed most of the basics on my first day, i.e. I can do most of what I was able to do on a 26" uni. Only my backwards steering is completely shot. Turning is extremely awkward and I’m a long way from riding smooth eights backwards.

To reach the gym hall you have to do a relatively steep climb. So after training I shouldered my 20", and mounted my 26". It felt like trying to step down into the grand canyon. And with that awkward feeling I had to ride down the hill again.

All in all. :smiley: