My first 180 unispin land

Hi just thought of sharing my first 180 unispin land.
To introduce myself, I am Fon from Malaysia aged 54yo and started learning uncycle beginning of 2020

Here’s my video of the unispin attempts and the one successful land:


This is a great instructional video, even though you don’t give any instruction. What you do show though is your progression and how you build up to it and land without serious injury at each step of the way. What I’ve found when learning a new skill is that perhaps the most important aspect of learning it is gaining the confidence that I can fail at it repeatedly without risking serious injury. Once I’ve got that, then it’s just a matter of time and determination.

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Good stuff Fon. :clap:

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Thanks. Yes, you’ve picked up that I am doing things in progression to minimize the risks.

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Congratulations on the progress!

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t call that landed yet… Landed means you are in full control of the unicycle, meaning you can ride away after the trick. Keep up the practicing and you will get it soon, getting both feet back on is the hardest step.

A few pointers, if I may:

  • revisit those unispin mounts to practice what to do when you land on the pedals. You want to be able to land on the cranks/pedals, hop and ride away.
  • I personally would recommend starting from the pedals, it makes it easier to get your feet outwards.
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Hi. Yes I won’t call this finished either. I will do that, work with 180 mounts and try to ride off. But on your second point, you said start from the pedals. Did you mean arials? Thanks for the tips. I did try many times as shown in the video for a better landing after the one “landing”, but I couldn’t do it yet! :slightly_smiling_face:

For both aerials and unispins, I would recommend jumping off from the pedals, not with your feet on the cranks. It’s possible to go from the cranks (and freestyle riders tend to do that, I think because it feels a bit more stable), but I think it’s better to start with your feet on the pedals.
Most flatland/street riders would do it that way too, I think it gives more control and since your feet are further outside, it’s easier to move them away to allow the wheel to spin.

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Oh I didn’t think of this as a benefit! (Able to move further away) ok I will try and keep practising. I have put in so many hours so I won’t stop now. Thanks. Will consult you if I have more questions later if thats ok with you?

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Is this considered a pass? :stuck_out_tongue: It took a while to get here but I worked on 180 mounts , aerials, sif hop, sif ride etc. This is sketchy I know and not consistent yet. Any comments?


Absolutely, good job! My first 180 unispins were way less clean than that, you land nicely on the pedals.

Going for landing on the cranks and then sliding your feet onto the pedals will probably make you more consistent, but it’s less clean.

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Thanks! I showed my wife my last unispin attempts where I was landing more but still couldn’t ride off. She just laughed and commented about me not able to ride off. Apparently she is a unispin judge but a judge who doesn’t unicycle :smiley:. So I determined that I must be able to ride off after landing…

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