My first 100 miles on a 36

OK, I didn’t do it in a day, it took me a month. I would have made it in 3 weeks but I didn’t get to ride for 5 days. 100 miles in a month doesn’t sound very impressive, but I’m thrilled. A month ago I had very little experience on my 20 & 26 uni’s, 20 hours total. When I ordered the 36, I had no idea if I would be able to ride it at all. I found it easier than the other two.

I read a post here once when someone said it took 200-300 miles to be comfortable on a 36, at the time I thought that sounded like a lot of miles, not anymore. I still wobble, I’m just getting the hang of holding the handle. Many of my turns are still jerky, but some are much smoother. I can ride it well enough to go to the bike paths at the park and ride around the baseball and soccer fields. I’m getting out riding and having fun, learning all the while. I’m looking forward to being able to use the t-bar, I think that will be a big help. Thanks for all the advice, I wouldn’t be riding a 36 now if it wasn’t for this forum.

Good job!

I had a 36 for a few months and never got 100 miles on it, so I know it’s not a trivial task. I always felt that the 36er was in control of me.

Are you comfortable riding a smaller uni? I wanted to ride around the park and go places, the 26 seemed way too slow. I wasn’t very comfortable on the 26, 1/2 mile was my limit, but I could tell it wasn’t going to go as far as easily as I wanted. I was afraid I couldn’t ride the 36, but wanted to try. It felt better right from the start, I was surprised.

YAY!! :wink: b^.^d

I have a 29er which gets me as far as I need to go. I don’t think I’m built for distance road riding, it’s much too uncomfortable to me. Riding off road is much better, your off the seat much of the time and there are no idiots piloting two ton vehicles while drinking coffee and talking on the phone to contend with. I wish there were more off road riding places near, but I have 3 or 4 good ones within a half hour drive.

I really admire the people out there distance riding on a uni, I can appreciate what it takes to do it. Keep it up! Yeah, I know what you mean :roll_eyes: … and thanks :wink: :slight_smile:

Your video made me cringe! I ride with cars when my wife runs but I tend to over inflate (from MUni mode to Sidewalk mode) and take my 29er. When I ride my 36" GUni, I stick to the Louisville Loop which is 100 miles of “car free” multi-use path. That is the ONLY place I take my kids to ride their bicycles. No stress. No danger. Be careful out there man. I don’t want to read about you in the paper. Good Lord willing, you won’t be reading about me. There are a couple of intersections on my wife’s runs that are prime spots to get hit by a car. Bright clothing, a red blinking light in the back, and a white blinking light on the front. Sitting up high and watching for teenagers texting and driving. Knock wood.

PLEASE keep in mind that this vid,

is part of an extreme unicycling movie “Inner Balance” (not my daily riding) my part in this movie was to demo the agility and ability of a 36" wheel. With time on the saddle and consistant pushing your ability, ANYTHINGS possible!!!
If you add a short distance each ride you build your distance to whatever you desire.

really nice vid- makes the 36er look very nimble :slight_smile:

What size cranks are you using on that vid?

They are 150’s. For general flat street riding I use 125’s. Anyone can get that comfortable on a 36", just believe you can and start riding in and out of cones or objects you place on the ground. Start with them spread out then as you get more comfortable just start to slowly close the gap between them. It’s hard to improve your control unless you push to improve.
Keep up the great work!!

Yep. I’ve been commuting on my new 36er for a few weeks now, and every ride gets easier and more fun. This AM, after turning the 14 miles to the office, I barely felt like I’d ridden at all. Can’t wait for the nice weather!

JOW: Really enjoyed your video, and the controversy it spawned in the forums–great read! I think what people objected to was your use of pedestrians as practice cones. Do you find “live” cones more challenging than inanimate ones? hahahhahaha! :smiley:

He seemed invisible to most of the people. I wish the guy filming him would have got some shots of himself in store windows, he was riding a 36 also, with the uni glide cam contraption.