My Fingers Hurt

Ive got a KH24 and i do a fair bit of basic street (cos ive jus started). stuff like jumpin up stairs and off ledges. i find that after 30 mins, my middle finger hurt where i pull up on the seat and for the following day i get muscle strains in them. have i got the wrong technique or do i jus need to ignore the pain and hope it goes as i progress?!

Your muscle will get stronger, and you will get used to it.

I had the same thing happen, and it would bruise up after a while, now it doesnt do it anymore.

Your just using and putting force onto a section of muscle in a way you probably have never done before. It goes away quickly. =p

I had this problem the first week or two of riding… since then my fingers never hurt.

you’re fingers hurt? Well now your back is gonna hurt, cause you just pulled landscaping duty. Anyone else’s fingers hurt?

OMG! I was just going to say the same thing! Happy Gilmore is a great movie!

haha:D good stuff…

yea you will get used to it for sure.
also, i dunno about anyone else, but i have some weird callouses on my fingers from uni.

I get blisters on my hand all the time, even though I use gloves.

Which KH24? The early ones ('03 '04 - the black ones) had the original handles which always used to cause me blisters and brusies, the later saddles have fins under the handle which make them much more comfortable. Might be worth upgrading for $10 or so if that’s the case.

I have long fingers which tend to bottom in the closed handles. The tips of my fingers really take a beating in that kind of handle so I prefer the open type that my fingers can go all the way through. Could this be your problem?

ye, i haave an old one. I think i will get a new handle soon because my friend has a handle with fins and it is so much nicer to hold. Thanks for the “finger tips.”

A reeder handle will also take care of the problem.