My Early Christmas Video

I just made a flat video. I used christmas music and put it out really early. Hope you enjoy it. Drop a comment if you like.

There was some great riding in there, everything was good except for the quality of the footage (Mine’s not much better though :p).


Thanks. I have to convert my videos and it screws with the quality.

uhhh… thanks?

Dont get me wrong, I mean it in a good way, the music, I question,I like the flat combos…

I liked it :smiley:

nice intro :slight_smile:
flatland was also very good :smiley:

cool vid!
inward variel roll was cool (i`d like to variel roll:D)

I wish I got snow out where i live. the christmas music :sunglasses:

great vid and cool flat-com:Dbos

I liked the bigness of the superman.

All the flat was great, too.

thanks everyone. about the music, If you didn’t laugh at it, I guess it was a bit of a distraction from the riding. I thought it was hilarious, so I put it in.:wink: but, again, thank you for all of your positive comments. I appreciate them.:smiley:

The music was very fitting for the theme of the video. Great job, the superman was my favourite part. :slight_smile:

thank you.:slight_smile: