My Dx Is Here!!!

I just got it put together! I’m gonna cut an inch or two off the seat post and then I’m gonna go try it out!!


Awesome. Bet your gonna love it.:smiley:

20? 24? Pics?


thats awesome… what year and size ??

Okay I just got back. The dx rides GREAT! I LOVE IT! It jumps higher and goes over gravel better. And I can now go off the drops I’ve been wanting to try without worrying about folding my cx! :sunglasses:

I got the 20" 2006 model, it’s propped beside me looking beautiful in black and red.

Does anyone else have one of these?

Alot of people do…I kno Jerrick is one, and manon1wheel has one

my friend got one yesterday and is equally excited

It’s hard not to be! They’re awsome! :sunglasses:

congrats i have the 24" dx and i like it, it feels real solid

you can jump higher??
is it because of the handle
when i got mine i jumped a foot lower … my other uni weighed under 5 lbs tho

edit: i have a 2005 model

ps. i have one


I have one, thinking of getting a new frame for it though. Not that there is anything wrong with my odl one, but a upgrade would be nice =p

Theres some pics of me riding in ym gallery if you wanna look at it in action.

well, i broke mine :stuck_out_tongue:

i had one, now i just have the cranks/hub/rim and the seatpost bolt

huh?? Under 5 lbs.? What is it, a carbon fiber frame, 12" 6 spoke wheel with titanium spokes, ultra-thin tube and a kevlar tire?

nice! ive got one. there a really solid beggining trials/stree unicycle.

I’m taking a break at the library right now. I’ve spent all my spare time the last day or two jumping up and down all the stairs I can find and trying to increase my verticle jump.

I saw you are from Arkansas so I looked at your profile. I saw your picture. I know you!!

Congratulations on your new DX.