my dream uni

Many people have a dream job or car or whatever, me I have a dream unicycle my dream unicycle will be light weight yet very durable and a thick 20” so it can double as a Muni here is a list of things I will want on my dream uni.

Hub: Kris Holm Titanium Hub $460.00
Spokes: USA Brand 14-Guage Spokes $14.00
Rim: Alex DX32 Rim $41.00
Tire: Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20 x 2.5 Trials Tire $30.00
Cranks: Kris Holm Double Hole ISIS Moment Cranks 2007 $96.00
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals - 9/16 inch $14.00
Frame: Kris Holm 20-inch Trials Frame $199.00
Seat Post: Nimbus CrMO Seat Post (black finish) $40.00
Seat: Kris Holm Fusion Street Gel Saddle $45.00

Total cost $939.00

please tell me if they see any flaws

I’d want one that was wider, having run rims as skinny as 28mm and as wide as the standard KH 48mm.

Of course, the 28mm was on a MUni.

thank you i will do that but first i need 1 grand to pay for it all lol

You did’nt tell us what you do (besides (double as a) Muni): trials, street, flat?

Have you tried other tyres? You may want to try others before getting a new CC
How about a XTP frame? or maybe a Black Domina?
EDIT: get a thomson with the CF base
No CF base for that seat?

Whith such an amazing uni you won’t paint it?

i would paint it black then add ornge and red flames.

any one want to post there dream unis

The search function is your friend :slight_smile:

Rim: Alex DX32 Rim $41.00
-I don’t like the DX32 Rim. Not only is it not very light or wide, it’s not very strong. I would much prefer the KH08 or the nimbus rim.

Cranks: Kris Holm Double Hole ISIS Moment Cranks 2007 $96.00
-I wouldn’t get double holed moment cranks for Trials or Street because if you use the inner hole (which you must likely would) it would likely get caught on your pants or something. It would be especially bad for street as flip tricks would be much harder to land.

Frame: Kris Holm 20-inch Trials Frame $199.00
-If you ride with a tall seat, I would get the longneck frame. This way you can actually save weight by cutting your post extra short (can save about 50g, which isn’t much but still worthwhile)

Seat Post: Nimbus CrMO Seat Post (black finish) $40.00
-I would get the KH08 post, as it is lighter and from my experience stronger, though time will tell. CrMO posts are overated I snap or bend those at about the same speed as a KH07 alloy post.

Seat: Kris Holm Fusion Street Gel Saddle $45.00
-Upgrade to CF for sure!

It should go, k1 luxury on a wallis cf base with a ti thompson or a regular cf base with a ti post in 4bolt. The fame should be a rounded ti long neck with a built in clamp. The hub should be the kh ti, with some double butted spokes. The rim should be a fluro orange nondrilled k1, custom drilled to take of a little weight. Alloy nipples. Also a tryall tyre with every other side nob took off. Trials tube.