My DIY mini girafe

Hi well ive recentlu seen the gb4 mini girafe and this inspired me to make something a bit similar so i did. it has a 12" wheel of a kids bike (rim is actually 9" , viscount saddle. some cranks, sproket, crank housing, pedals off a 16" bike and i made the fork section out of an old chair frame and is 16mm x 50mm (2"), the dropouts (part the axel gous up into) out of 3mm thick x 50mm (2") piece of flat steel, and the part the seatpost goes into is made of the frame tubes off the 12"bike. The whole thing was painted with spray paint.

so here is my new girafe!

HAHAHA, that’s awesome. I want one. Any videos of you riding it?

Looks great! I love the color. Good job.

I want one too. Or rather, I would like to construct one. Could you perhaps be bothered to write more in details, perhaps with some illustrations how to make one, step by step? I am quite sure I wouldn’t be the only one here appreciating that :slight_smile:

It looks great, nice detail with the painted chain to match the fork!

That thing does look pretty cool :smiley:
Have you ridden it yet?

thats kool wanna make me one

Yeah, I think I might make one some time.

Awsome. Great color scheme, too.

I doubt that chain will stay green for long, though.:slight_smile:

Nice handiwork.

I built a Mini G very similar to the the one you built. By the date on the photo It looks like I built it in April of 2003.

I have a series of photos of my building it in my photo gallery at my Yahoo Group (link in my signature line)

Your frame looks a lot beefier than mine, greener too.

I realy like riding this one, for some reason beyond my understanding, the geometry of this design makes idling almost effortless.


tose are soo cool! i want one!

dude… make it geared… oent have to be like super dooper fast… but like as fast as a 26 or 28 then you would have the most pimepd out geared ever


The first MiniG I built (1996) had a 16" wheel and my first gearing configuration was equivilant to a 42" wheel. I never made it more than one turn of the pedals. At that time I had never seen a giraffe, but I figured I should get the gearing as close to the 24" wheel that I was used to riding. I ended up with about a 22" wheel equivilant by cutting the cogs off a 12 speed hub and braising the wheel that had the closest number of teeth onto the coaster brake hub.

cool so you could go at a fairly decent speed?


I wasn’t able to ride it at all set up like that.

looks a million times better painted,

look what you could make it into
a mini mini g:

mini mini.jpg

maybe a mini giraffe would be my perfect unicycle…it’s easy to idle with, light i’m sure, and it would be easy to design a gearing system with 2 settings so i could ride it long distances…

Hi guys well sory for the delay i sorta cant help it coz im in australia and school takes time but im here now and well yer i do have one vid of me riding it but as for any of yous seeing it well the word how comes to mind there ( i am new on this forum site) and well yer i drew a fairly decent plan with all the measurements on it and if a measurement wasnt there ( the plan was actual size) i would just measure so yer i will get to and try my best to get it on her in such a way that when you print it out it will b actual size (or close) and about the ease of riding well it isnt actually that easy to ride probably because of my gearing and lack of practice. the gearing is 36 to 16 so it is fairly high so u can go quite fast and the best thing about my mini is it only cost
$2 bike parts from dump
$14 black and green paint (2 cans)
$12 primer
about 2 hours preparing and 5 hours building but you could do it faster because i had a few things to figure out while building.

any way heres another pic to keep you happy while i get the plans sorted out.

The mini giraffe looks good but the neck needs to be cut down so the seat can be lowered way low. :slight_smile:

A mini giraffe needs to be ridden with the seat as low as you can manage. Preferably so low that your heels hit your bottom as you pedal. It looks silly that way and that is the point. :smiley:

thanx for all your input so now i have something for u
here is a step by step instruction how to manual thing!

1: go out there and find yourself all the stuff you cant make like wheel, cranks, pedals, chain, sprokets, tyre etc because these are what you base your plan on to make sure it will work (no good planing before you know what you are using). i would have liked to use a wheel off one of those push things used for transporting fridges and stuf but putting bearings, axel and stuff on would b too hard so i used the smallest bike wheel i could find.

2: Find, figure out or get the material (metal) you plan on using for the project.

3: measure everything and i mean everything u will be suprised at how many things you need to know the measurement of when drawing your plan.

4: Draw up your plan with all the measurements of the components (parts) you have taken earlier. i found it best to make the plan actual size because you can sceck everything is right on it while building. place the crank and etc, as close to the wheel as your frame will allow ( looks cooler and ends up smaller this way).

5: Get to it and get everything cut to the exact size and shape and ready to be put togeather. cut the crank housing and grind it smooth so it can be welded into the frame later.

6: Build it, weld everything togeather grinding off sharp edges etc, and measuring it throughout the process to make sure it is right. Remember to weld the freewheel to the hub so u dont have any unpleasent problems later on.

7: Assemble the entire thing to make sure it all works as desired.

8: Go and buy some paint and sand the whole thing, prime it with primer, and spray it with what ever colour of paint you want. follow directions on the can for best results!

9: re assemble.

10: The most important part ride it and enjoy your new creation.