My Dilema

Ok so I bought a torker LX 20" for freestyle and Trials. but I like my tire to be “spongey” for pogo-ing up obstacles. However when going of a 3-foot drop I feel rim :astonished: , Bad. So… bigger profile on the tire? will that eradicate my freestyle capabilities? hows the handling? What will fit in a torker LX 20"'s frame?!


I dont know about clearances but something like the Maxxis Holy Roller should work OK for both freestyle and light trials. Im sure there are larger volume 20" tires out there but if you go to wide you might have problems with folding.

Hello I.Candy…

inside joke

hello i.Candy…

…inside joke…

your best to just put more air in the tire

Why don’t you just put full PSI in the tire.

It would be a good idea to fill your tire becau;se rim is no good :astonished: and can lead to a possible potato chip so fill it up. If you are going to buy a new tire make sure it is a 20" but measure the width of your forks to make sure that they can fit a trie the size you are looking at.

Dont fill it to max psi. Find a pressure that give enough bounce, and enough pressure so it doesnt bottom out. Dont test your pressure from jumping a curb either, thats too small, do like a foot or two foot drop to really test it.

Though because of the skinny size of your rim, and the restrictions of tires youll will have, dont be too surprised when you hit the rim.

You could keep your 20" and fill the tire to max psi, and put some shorter cranks on it, raise the seat a little, and use it for a freestyle uni, and buy a separate trials uni which will be suited for drops and stuff, and have the best of both world by having two different unicycles.

Thanks everyone I think im gonna get the Maxxis Holy Roller.

Probably also for now pump up my tire a tad.