My Design

Here is a design I have produced and am hopeing to build very soon. It is a giraffe unicycle and will be around 8ft tall. Any thoughts and ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks

If you want your drawing to be accurate, for an 8 ft giraffe the crank assembly would be about half-way up the frame…not as high as you’ve placed it.

Couldn’t quite tell from the drawings - do you plan on a double chain?

Yes, so that it will make the uni safer (if a chain snaps there will still be drive and the rider wont just fall off)

A couple thoughts. Triangles are the strongest geometric shape. It might be a good idea to angle the braces in the center of the frame. You wouldn’t need to make them 45° angles or anything, but just a few degrees off of flat would add extra stability. A ladder of 45° connections would certainly be the strongest though.

That being said, if you want a way of freemounting it then your current design works great, assuming that the chains run outside of the frame

Wow, I LOVE the idea of climbing up the ladder! :sunglasses:

What parts are you ‘building’? I assume it’s just going to be the frame and adding off-the-shelf bits for everything else? Have you selected the tubing for it?

It sounds like a cool project, I wish I had the tools etc required to do a project like that.

Edit: Oh yeah, and a double chain seems pretty important for something that tall! I know my 5-footer single chain freaks me out when I lean hard on the chain…

Looks to me to have 3 maybe 4 cross braces too many. 8 feet is only 3 more than a Torker with one brace. Draw it to scale and it is overkill.

Holy Q-factor, Batman!

Your cranksolution looks interesting. Why the chainwheels on the inside? I would recomend going for the lightest possible design.
I’ve built one quite the same size, perhaps a bit taller. With “outside” chain, you get at big triangel from scratch. I have never felt that it had to few braces. Here you can see me ride it with a 26" wheel. I made the frame to actually handle a 36" wheel, but I guess, I will never go for that…


That would be awesome with a 36 though :stuck_out_tongue:

Your frame is sideways. The A-frame pictured above looks like a Tommy Miller (Unicycle Factory) one. If you intend to use 1" square tubing like he does you’ll probably be fine, but the stress on a tall giraffe frame is front-to-rear. Every time you accelerate the pedals, in either direction, the frame gets flexed as the chain puts an uneven pull on it. Between the frame and chain, you get a D shape. Keep this in mind also as the chain can get really loose on the non-tensioned side. Make sure it doesn’t derail.

Tall giraffe frames also get stressed front-to-rear in most drops, though that stress usually plays out in the seat post or crank arms. :slight_smile:

Always make your tall unicycle frames more rigid front-to-rear, including where the top tube attaches to the bottom bracket. That’s a common fail point.

Here is an example. At my giraffe-muni, which is made of “soft steel”, the reinforcement flex so much by upd’s that the paint cracks.

GOPR0498_frame02 copy_edited-1.jpg

I am looking to build the frame myself including the seat mountings and chain tentioners and collect old unicycle parts i.e. an old seat that I can re-upholster, old wheel that I can add a sproket/gear to

Ok thank you very much I will look into my design and add something like this in. I would never have thought of this, built it, then probably break my neck, so thank you very much.