My daughter learned how to freemount

After a few weeks of no riding, my 7 year old daughter decided she wanted to set up the cones in our driveway (yesterday) and work on an obstacle course. Without hesitation, I dropped all my plans and went out to ride with her.

While we were riding she said she wanted a new helmet, she made it clear that she prefers blue. I told her she could have a new helmet after she learned to freemount. She practiced a little yesterday and today she started again. Our deal was that she had to do a freemount on 7 of 10 attempts to get a new helmet.

On her first attempt she got 6 of 10. On her second attempt she did 8 of 10 and continued on to do 16 of 20 freemounts. :smiley: We are going shopping tomorrow night for a new, blue helmet!

Had to post this accomplishment since I’ve often posted about how frustrating it was that she wasn’t working on her freemounting. Some of you told me to be patient and I was doing my best. Finally, I can ride with her and know she will get on anytime she wants, without my help.

By the way, she was doing a great job on the obstacle course also. She even rode a 10" wide skinny for 14 feet.

That’s my girl!

Proud Papa :sunglasses:

Bill that’s cool. It is amazing to watch the younger ones.

wow, that’s cool! when im old like you, im gonna get my kid a uni for their 8th birthday!

haha, nice man

I think I’ll try to take that as a compliment. :thinking:

The Old Man

You oughtta just have a little 16 inch hanging up somewhere in the house until one day your kid says “I want to ride too.” Then you can take it down and be on your way. That way it’s always there. A pervasive fantom. Spooky.

i dunno, they might get discouraged too quickly and swear off unicycling for life.

My 8 year old daughter learned to consistently freemount a few weeks ago and then said she wanted to go for a muni ride in the pine forest with me. It wasn’t a long ride but it was a lot of fun to be out together. She’s now doing 20cm drops. Can’t wait for the next muni ride with her.

My daughter was riding down a hill in the grass yesterday and was telling me that she needs a MUni now so she can ride on the trails. I’d love to be able to go into the woods with her and ride. Just like you, I enjoy riding with her.


I just put a knobby 2.1x16 tyre on her uni and presto an instant muni. After the last ride i measured her up on one of my 20" unis and she just fits so I’ll probably convert one to a muni for her to make it a bit easier off-road.