my dad on Blue Peter this tuesday anychance of some one recording digitally

as the thread title says my dad is going to be on blue peter this tuesday, live at 5, when i was on it couple of years ago, some of you lovely clever unicyclists recorded it digitally for me, and it was so much appreciated
just slip that in

well i know my dad would greatly appreciate some one saving his clip to a computer and sending it to us or uploading it some how.

any chance anyone is up for that.

cheers Lucas

whats he going on for?

sorry for the threadjack, in your video there it looks as if the host was riding or idling or something while you were tricking out. Is this the case?

erm he can ride yeh, it was one of his special talents when he auditioned, just ride and idle though nothing else i also found this while searching for the clip

brilliant thanks a lot gav x

You’ve got a Myth TV Box!? Was it difficult/expensive to setup, hardware/software? I’m interested. Oh yeah, sorry for the threadjack.

Get a higher spec nVidia card as it is not just good for 3D it would offload a lot of the HD decoding - more applicable when HD comes to Freeview with that system I guess - record and play HD simultaneously.

Back on topic - I remember recording and uploading that for you Lucas, was it really 2 years ago :astonished:

What will your Dad be doing on Blue Peter BTW

he is indeed mr pete za, because u can call him sir, or u can call him sir pete, or u can call him pete sir, ha ha pizza, that was the original gag, and it stuck as a stage name, at one point i was toppins cos i topped up the show.

he will be doing lassooing, trick lassooing, hes pretty good, and not many do it in the uk. lets hope he doesnt crack under pressure of live tv.
yeh unicus, 2 years this june, scary ay, madness growing up is just silly

Still got your badge Lucas?

erm i thought so, but i just looked up where its kept and its not there which is worrying because i had a house party little while ago an my mates were looking at it ha ha ill av a check on ebay in abit lol xx

re arrangement its actually, tuesday 29th of april i got it wrong ohwell
if someone could still record it would be great


It’ll be downloadable on BBC iPlayer after transmission. If you want to keep it then you’d have to remove the DRM which is naughty and wrong and easy :wink:

Show has just started…

Didn’t see that post… and that’s why I didn’t see anything lol :wink: .

ok quick reminder Gk, its tomorrow lol and its at 4.30 not 5 im pretty sure

Cheers guys

that was short… :thinking:

ha ha you are a legend Gav x

Pete Za, hes a pro! Great to see him in action, again! Remember MILFSTOCK that was a laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

Im going to start watching Blue Peter again… that female presenter is lovely… it was Katie Hill back in my day :sunglasses:

Thanks GK, and well done Pete!


Cheers Joe, dad says you a whoar lol, and ofcourse welcome back to look for some milfs down newquay x

That was an impressive performance! Can you do that lucas?