My custom uni any good?

well i built a custom uni and this is what it is.

  • Hub/Crankset - Koxx ISIS
    Koxx-1 hubset

  • Rim - 19 Inch “DX32” Alexrim 36 Holes

“DX32” Alexrim

  • tire - 20 x 2.5 Inch Luna Trials Tire

Luna trials tire

  • tube - 20 x 2.5 - 2.7 Inch with Schrader valve - for trials

trials tube

  • frame - 20 Inch Standard Frame Black

standard frame trials

  • Seat Post 25.4mm x 350mm Black

seat post

  • Saddle - “Kris Holm” with Fusion Cover

kris holm saddle.

  • Gusset Grind Pedals

grind pedals

what do you think of my new trials? im gonna get the spokes later after it arives. and theyre gonna be stainless. is this a good trials?

sorry for all the post ive been making about what good trials bikes are, but i wanna make the best choice.

I think you should get the maxxis tire instead of the luna

seems tuff enough for just about anyone. it would last you awhile. Its easier to just buy a prebuilt one though personally.

who is doing the wheel build

probably me and my dad. my dad obbsesses over bikes, and well we have the wheel truer, and we just need to buy the spokes when it comes in. but it might be a while i still have to sell my paintball gun :frowning:

ooo yah also i got $50 for my b-day from my neighbor (after mowing her lawn) so im going to upgrade to a maxxis. anythng else i should hop up?

It’s not a bike:)

if you like the maxxis CC then you should get it, but their is no “better tire” between the maxxis cc and the luna. I rode with the cc for several months and just recently got the luna and in my opinion it is a better tire. the grind pedals look like they are good but you can make some for a lot cheaper that work just as well. if you are going to be doing any tricks where your feet leave the pedals the grind plate tends to be up.

hmm ur right but the Koxx-1 hub is good right?

It’s great. I’d get the 135mm cranks though. there long enought o do trials with, and short enough to do street with. they also have a great surface for standing on.

i heard 140 was good because they have more control over the unicycle.

yea, but the 135’s would be good because you’d still haqve enough control over the uni for trials, and have a great length for street, and flatland. it’s really hard to do wraps ect. on the normal koxx cranks.