My Custom Nimbus!!

Hi here is my custom build Nimbus:

Cranks: KH 137mm
Pedals: Magnesium wellgo
Rim: Viz! 36 hole and alu nipples
Tyre: Try-all 2,50"
Frame: Nimbus pro
Sadel: Nimbus

i really want to get one of those whit tryall tires but it is always to expensive because of shipping to the us:(

there is a thread for this, and it is on page 1 (4th thread…) Custom Nimbus's

But your uni does looks good, just get an orange clamp

it looks like my uni:

Get an orange clamp! It will look awesome then. (it already does)

Where’d you find the V!Z rim? Is it the 48mm wide one with the octagonal holes? Link?


koxx clamps dont fit nimbus frames…

That is so beautiful! It doesn’t need an orange clamp, all now it need is some CF…Are those Wellgo MG1 pedals?


Yes its the MG1 wellgo Magnesium pedals.
I found the viz! rim at this store:

Very nice, but you started with he lead spoke in the wrong hole when doing the build.

way to tell him hes got ah hour of work a head of him :wink:

46mm wide, US dealer.

oh im not suggesitng he rebuilds, just that he checks it properly next time he builds a wheel

hehe, I saw it when I was fimish but didn´t care to rebuilt it so I have to live whit that…a new sadel is on the way to a KH street/trial sadel whit black/orange color

cool, how much did all of that cost?

Omg… That Is The Pure Sex!

Pure Hanousness!!! How could any one look at one without puking not to mention buying one!!


here is some updates on the ride!