My custom muni-in jpg.

Here is the link.

Not too shabby, Shabby! Nice, clean work. I’d love to hear how it rides.

I would love to say that it rides great but unfortunately I am not a great rider. I am a newbie. I am however progressing faster than I ever thought I might. With that said, any qwerky handling traits that it might posses are probably a result of my inability. It wobbles a bit but I think again that is me or maybe the offset of the crank arms.

Thanks for asking, Wayne.

Wow, that is a very nice job, indeed.:smiley: You have yourself a very
unique Muni. Your handle looks really cool, seems like it would
make holding with alternate hands comfortable.

Smooth taper down to the hub.

What is the frame weight with bearing holders attached?

Whuz the dummy hub anchored to a jig during welding?

I am curious.

Work the maze.

Actually I did weigh the frame but I cannot remember the weight. I do remember it was just a little heavier than the KH. Maybe 0.2 lbs or so. I used 0.058 wall through out because the guy that I bought the tubing off of was a race car frame builder and that is all that he had. I do not know what thickness the KH or Hunter frames use but I suspect it might be thinner. I also got carried away with the welding and know for fact that I put too much weld in some areas ( the race car frames -900 HP- had smaller welds than I did ). I made the bearing caps much thicker in hindsight but know that they will be the last thing standing.

No I did not anchor the dummy hub. I probably should have but I did not. I put the final frame on a granite surface table and there was the tiniest of tiny rock. I mean like only a few thousanths of an inch.


Re: My custom muni-in jpg.

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> Here is the link.

Very nice!!!