My crappy unicycle

Ok well right now i have a crappy unicycle. Its my first one i got 2 weeks ago. Its probably the lowest end Norco… a 20" 150 canadian $ unicycle. Right now im having problems with the pedals which keep unscrewing so im takking it back to the shop so they can fix it. I really love unicycling and not to sound cocky but im doing very well for a beginer. Im just wondering how long i should wait untill i get another unicycle… something much better that will last and take up more abuse.

Perhaps the seat is on backward?

Til it breaks or until you have a friend that wants to learn, or until you go to a convention and feel all embarrased.

After attending my first NUC with only a savage, I bought a miyata the day I got home.

The savage went to a friend on the condition that he learn to ride. He did, now he’s better than me.