My Cousins Video!

heres a video of my cousin whos been riding for 7 months and started trials about 2 weeks ago…he’s doing really good…i think…what do you think?


He’s really good !!! That’s very impressive for only 2 weeks of trial ! I’ve been trialing for a couple of months, and he’s doing things I can’t even do !

The line at 1:03 with the sandwitch board was very nice !..and all the bails too ! :wink:

Keep it up !


good job…im still getting down crank grabs and he looks like he has em down pretty good…

Haha I love the crunching sound when he lands.

hey yeah thats good for only 2 weeks of trials…

Im 100% freestyle and still occasionaly have trouble jumping up on the curb :astonished: :angry:

i think my seat is too high though…

Just yesterday his dad brought home a 2007 Kris Holm KH20! Now we can go ride together…

nice, very dramatic bails :wink:

Hey thats me.:stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: