My cool New Year's Eve unicycling story

For new year’s eve I went to the First Night thing downtown. Downtown they have
a bunch of businesses where they set up stages around the downtown and have
bands, magicians etc. and then fire works at mid night.

I did drive bought I brought along my uni.

During an Improve Comedy I yelled out unicycling as a hobby, they used it. One
of the guys probably had some experience with unis because he new some of the
details that only a unike would know, i.e. testicle adjustment.

After that it was about 11:30 and I went and got my uni. I must say it is very
hard to ride through a crowded street, but it also surprising how much you can
squezze between people, but I still had to dismount several times to avoid

Tonight was also the first time I used a witty come back effectivly. A guy said
“Do you know you only have half a bike?” I dismounted and said, “I must of lost
it, I’d better go back and look for it”

Later, I got the usual I can do that, so I let him try it, I ussually do
because ussually they can’t, but he could despite the several drinks that he
said he had had.

Well, Just thought I’d tell you all about my cool night.

Jeff Sargeant Univent

p.s. I think a real good place to practice would be a parking garage, it has
gradual turns and some gradual slopes.