My completely completed muni (powder coating + clamp), and the bike shop's Onza...

Today I picked up my frame from being powder coated. It turned out great. I ended up chosing a nice yellow due to the lack of the metallic orange I was hoping for, but I wasn’t disappointed. I’m a little frustrated because the wheel now sits a little off centre in the frame again and is rubbing on the inside of the leg. I’m trying to find a 24.5mm seatpost clamp at the moment but I’ve got a bigger one on there with a little shim for now.

I also found out today that the Onza trials unicycle has arrived at the bike shop. I don’t own this one and won’t consider buying it for a while either but I think we can now get them in at the bike shop whenever we want. Gary (one of the shop owners) is also considering selling custom munis from the shop. He would buy the bits like the Profile hub and cranks and so on separately and get a custom frame made by another framebuilder. It’s all very exciting.

Is it just me or does the Onza trials unicycle have a high Q factor (is that the right term for pedals and/or cranks sticking out a long way?)?

I’ll post the photos of my frame in a minute. (


muni - garage 2.jpg

Re: My completely completed muni (powder coating + clamp), and the bike shop’s Onza…

The one I’ve ridden did, yes… it was quite strange to ride, you’re legs feel an unnaturally wide distance apart… but I suppose it makes some stuff like pedal grabs easier?


Hey, andrew.

That looks cool! Nice choice of colour too!

Roughly how much does it cost to get a frame powder coated?

Talk to you soon


It cost exactly $44AUD. I didn’t realise powder coating is so cheap. That’s great because I’ve got some other things that would look nice powder coated like my bike and my first unicycle.


Re: Re: My completely completed muni (powder coating + clamp), and the bike shop’s On

have you seen Will do his one foot still stand?
one foot on a crank and no other contact with the uni.

i think the onza is his secret weapon. especialy the Q on the cranks.
i find it makes unispins and toejams much easier.

i’ve ridden the onzas too but i don’t think they are realy that much diferent from my nimbusii/profile trials uni.

the diference from the profiles is in mm. both Q and length
profile longer and less Q.

Re: My completely completed muni (powder coating + clamp), and the bike shop’s Onza…

Yes! That’s the first thing I noticed when I got mine. But now I’m used to it and don’t notice it any more (I like it’s Q factor). It’s all I’ve been riding lately. Now, when I switch back to my Semcycle Deluxe, the Sem’s “short” cranks and zero Q feel very odd.

I’m not skilled rider, so I can’t really give a meaningful comment on Q factor, but at least when my foot isn’t in the right position, my heel has less of a chance of hitting the crank. But that’s probably just a “beginner” problem anyway. And I don’t quite put the Onza to it’s full capabilities – my hopping limit is about an inch! But someday soon!

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